Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Via JMG: FRC: Church Membership Is Shrinking Because They Don't Hate Gays Enough

The Family Research Council says that the reason 20% of Americans now say they have no religious affiliation is because churches aren't being hateful enough to keep people interested. Via press release:
As more churches move away from biblical authority, their attendance suffers. Just ask the Episcopal Church, whose pews are virtually empty after the decision to endorse homosexuality. It's time to push back on the spin that's feeding our weak brethren who say that compromising truth in pursuit of love is the way to reach the lost. Intuitively, people want to anchor their lives to something meaningful--something that demands the sacrifice and discipline of "taking up your cross." When a denomination abandons the truth and waters everything down to love, it reduces the church to another hour of Dr. Phil--which is something Americans can get without ever leaving home.
There's "too much love" in the church. Yeah.

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Via Buddhism on Beliefnet :

Daily Buddhist Wisdom

Worldly afflictions are as extensive as an ocean, noisy and clamorous; but they all arise from the thoughts in your own mind. When not a single thought is conceived, you are liberated from them all.
- Ta-t

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma October 16, 2012

Where We Are Transformed

Buddhist practice only works when it's on the edge. And that's what the renunciant lifestyle is about, what living in the wilderness is about, what meditation is all about—getting to the edge. Because that's where we are transformed.
- Ajaan Amaro, "Just Another Thing in the Forest"
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