Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baha'i words, deeds differ

Baha'i words, deeds differ

Dr. Gary Wright

The official worldwide and local Baha’i position on gay rights is all in favor of glib generalities against generic “prejudice,” but when it comes to taking one baby step to actually help lift our oppression, they will not take it. They will not do one concrete thing that might make an actual difference.
A letter written on behalf of their highest body, the House of Justice, to a gay asking for guidance states their true policy: “...this practice, which like other sexual vices, is so abhorrent to the Creator of all mankind....”
Current ordinances do not equate oppressed LGBTs with other victimized or belittled groups.
People, do not be fooled by Janet Haworth’s muddled opinion piece. (“Baha’is support eliminating prejudice,” July 6)

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