Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma February 19, 2013

Learning to Let Go

Letting go of fixation is effectively a process of learning to be free, because every time we let go of something, we become free of it. Whatever we fixate upon limits us because fixation makes us dependent upon something other than ourselves. Each time we let go of something, we experience another level of freedom. 
- Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche, "Letting Go of Spiritual Experience"
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JMG Headline Of The Day

Details. (Also: Seriously, Daily Mail? "Deaf and dumb"?)

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Via JMG: Americans Agree: DOMA Discriminates

Source. Hit the link for a bigger version.

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Via Buddhism on Beliefnet:

Daily Buddhist Wisdom

Do not choose bad friends. Do not choose persons of low habits. Select good friends. Be discriminating. Choose the best.
- Dhammapada 78