Monday, April 22, 2013

Via Buddhism on Beliefnet:

Daily Buddhist Wisdom

Arouse your will, supreme and great, Practice love, give joy and protection; Let your giving be like space, Without discrimination or limitation. Do good things, not for your own sake But for all the beings in the universe; Save and make free everyone you encounter, Help them attain the wisdom of the way.
- Prajnaparamita

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma April 22, 2013

Gateway to Happiness

We are constantly encouraged to reject what is unpleasant, disappointing or difficult. 'What's all this suffering? Let's be happy! Have fun!' But our suffering is not our enemy. It is only through a relationship with my pain, my sadness, that I can truly know and touch the opposite—my pleasure, my joy, and my happiness.  
- Claude AnShin Thomas, “Conceptions of Happiness”
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