Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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RuPaul Revealed: 'Drag Race' Host Talks Gay Rights

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Daily Buddhist Wisdom

Subhuti asked the Buddha: "The highest, most awakened mind that you have attained--is that mind the unattainable?" "Yes, Subhuti. With regard to that highest and most awakened mind, I have not attained anything. That mind is everywhere equally. It cannot be attained or grasped, but it can be realized. It is realized through the practice of all good actions when they are done in the spirit of no self and no object of self."
- Prajnaparamita

Via JMG: Frank Bruni On The Boy Scouts

"The Episcopal Church wants all aspects of the ban lifted, as does the National Jewish Committee on Scouting, whose former chairman, a Baltimore lawyer named Jay Lenrow, told me that while no troop should be forced to choose a gay leader, no troop should be prevented from doing so, either.

"He noted that our country was founded on a principle of religious freedom; that the Scouts’ bylaws require equal treatment of every religion’s teachings; and that certain denominations — the Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), for example — ordain gay and lesbian ministers. By the Scouts’ current rules, those very ministers, fit for the pulpit, aren’t deemed fit to lead a troop.

"Isn’t that as much of an insult to their religions as the ban’s end would be to [Tony] Perkins, [Rick] Perry and their kind? - Frank Bruni, writing for the New York Times.  Hit the link and read his entire piece.

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Tricycle Daily Dharma May 7, 2013

It Gets Easier

Once we taste the freedom that comes with independence, it gets easier. We realize how much we have lost by desperately holding on, and we know how much there is to gain through disengaging from confusion. We can do this while expanding our most precious qualities: our good heart and our compassion for others.  
- Dzigar Kongtrul, “Old Relationships, New Possibilities”
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