Friday, May 10, 2013

Via The Cormorant Baker: You will be Assimilated

Keith Farnan poster detail

“We welcome everyone”
“Except gays”
“Oh no. We welcome gays… …except as members”
“And obese people.”
“No, I’m sure that’s not right.”
“Well, I read a blog entry where…”
“Oh yes, I read that too. But we do welcome obese people who want to be thin.”
“Yeah, we welcome everyone, But you’ve got to want to be straight, and thin…”
“…and apolitical, and…”
“This is getting complicated. How about: ‘We welcome everyone, but you’ve got to want to be just like us.’”
“That’s right, and we call it ‘unity in diversity’”
“Yes, we take diversity and turn it into unity.”

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma May 10, 2013

Inhabiting the Body

As we inhabit our body with increasing sensitivity, we learn its unspoken language and patterns, which gives us tremendous freedom to make choices. The practice of cutting thoughts and dispersing negative repetitive patterns can be simplified by attending to the patterns in the body first, before they begin to be spun around in the mind.  
- Jill Satterfield, "Meditation in Motion"
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