Thursday, November 7, 2013

Via BBC: Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids

Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids

African gay rights campaigner in US, 8 Jun 13  
Even when living abroad some gay Africans fear being named and targeted back home

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The EU's top court has ruled that homosexuals from Sierra Leone, Uganda and Senegal who fear imprisonment in their home country have grounds for asylum in EU member states.
The Netherlands had asked the court for advice about three gay citizens of those countries seeking asylum.
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) says asylum can be granted in cases where people are actually jailed for homosexuality in their home country.
ECJ rulings apply to all EU members.

Via JMG: HomoQuotable - Michelangelo Signorile

"The fact that ENDA is unlikely to get a vote in the House gives us a chance to make sure the religious exemption comes out of this bill. That may make it harder to get it passed, and it may take a lot longer, but so be it. There are no shortcuts or bargains on civil rights. And quite honestly, when you ask for crumbs from the outset, both your friends and your enemies don't take you very seriously. We still need full protections in employment, housing and public accommodations, and none should include any religious exemptions. We need to stop viewing the ENDA vote this week as a sign of how far we've come -- as much of the hyped-up media has been doing -- and instead view it as a sign of how much further we need to go." - Michelangelo Signorile, writing for the Huffington Post.

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Tricycle Daily Dharma November 7, 2013

On Translation

The translation of atman as "self" (and anatman as "no-self") is not in itself inherently bad. In fact, self tends to be as serviceable as any other word. What we are faced with, however, is the problem of translation on a larger scale, the translation not of words but of ideas. To translate an idea one must understand it. According to Buddhist doctrine, to understand anatman, or no-self, is tantamount to enlightenment.
- Stuart Smithers, "When the Buddha Bowed Out"
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