Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Via JMG: LOVE WINS: Marriage For Hawaii!

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Via JMG: Hawaii Gov To Sign Marriage Bill Today

Via the Associated Press:
Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie is expected to sign a bill Wednesday legalizing gay marriage, expanding the state's aloha spirit and positioning the islands for more newlywed tourists. Abercrombie was expected to sign the bill Wednesday morning at an invitation-only ceremony at the Hawaii Convention Center, near the tourist heart of Waikiki. The measure will allow thousands of gay couples living in Hawaii and even more tourists to marry in the state starting Dec. 2. Another 14 states and the District of Columbia already allow same-sex marriage, while a bill is awaiting the governor's signature in Illinois. "I look forward to signing this significant piece of legislation, which provides marriage equity and fully recognizes and protects religious freedoms," Abercrombie said.
I'll post a video link to the ceremony this afternoon.

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Via JMG: Legalized, But Not Same-Sex Marriage

As of yesterday, it's no longer illegal to stage gay weddings or commitment ceremonies in Vietnam.
The south-eastern Asian country has officially allowed same-sex couples to organize weddings and have the right to live together. While the unions won’t be legally recognized, gay rights campaigners believe it is a large step on the path to equal marriage. The Government has taken this step after two fines were handed out to gay and lesbian couples who chose to have a marriage ceremony in the southern provinces of Kien Giang and Ca Mau.
Last week Vietnam's National Assembly began hearings on removing the ban on same-sex marriage, the first step towards legalization.

Via JMG: POLL: Americans Approve Of Confederate Flag Over Rainbow Flag By 4-1 Margin

Public Policy Polling asked the above questions in a just-released survey that primarily focused on prospective presidential candidates for the 2016 elections. As you can see by the final result, respondents approved of students wearing the confederate flag over the rainbow flag by more than a 4-1 margin. The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart (who is gay and black) goes off:
Folks, the Confederate flag is no better than a Swastika. It is a symbol of white supremacy, hate and oppression that has no place in American political discourse. That Kanye West wants to co-opt the rebel banner is as noble as it is futile. Meanwhile, the rainbow that is the gay pride flag symbolizes inclusion and acceptance. Oftentimes, usually in other countries, the words “pace” or “peace” can be found emblazoned on it. The rainbow flag is the very antithesis of the Confederate flag. That the latter is deemed more acceptable than the former is deplorable.
Defenders of the confederate flag are pouring into the WaPo comments. (Tipped by JMG reader Eric)

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma

Tricycle Daily Dharma November 13, 2013

Abandoning Distraction

Even on a small scale in daily life situations, such as when we feel bored or ill at ease, instead of trying to avoid these feelings by staying busy or buying another fancy gadget, we learn to look more clearly at our impulses, attitudes, and defenses. In this way dukkha guides and deepens our motivation to the point where we’ll say, 'Enough running, enough walls, I’ll grow through handling my blocks and lost places.'
- Ajahn Sucitto, "Commentary on the Buddha's First Teaching"
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