Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Don't you think that this definition might be actually better definition than this: http://bit.ly/merriam-webster-homophobia?

(W) Don't you think that this definition might be actually better definition than this:  http://bit.ly/merriam-webster-homophobia ?

Navajo Healing Song By The Navajo & The Sioux

Via Gay Politics Report: Social Security Administration to pay some same-sex couples' benefits claims

The Social Security Administration announced Monday that it will begin processing some benefits claims for same-sex couples following June's Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act. "Social Security is processing some widow's and widower's claims by surviving members of same-sex marriages and paying benefits where they are due," Acting Commissioner of Social Security Carolyn Colvin said in a statement. "Our goal is to treat all Americans with dignity and respect." The Baltimore Sun/Gay Matters blog (12/16), Washington Blade (Washington, D.C.) (12/16) 

Via JMG: Chile Elects Pro-Gay Marriage President

Former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, that nation's first female leader, was returned to power on Sunday after stepping down in 2010 because of a rule that forbids consecutive terms. Bachelet's campaign platform included a promise to pursue same-sex marriage.
The 62-year-old Bachelet fended off center-right candidate Evelyn Matthei by winning 62 percent of a runoff vote – the highest of any candidate since Chile returned to democratic elections. “The social and political conditions are here and at last the moment has arrived,” Bachelet told supporters. “If I'm here it's because we believe that a Chile for everyone is necessary. It won't be easy, but when has it been easy to change the world?” Bachelet also campaigned on gay marriage, reiterating her supporter in several interviews. However, her center-left New Majority coalition has only a slim majority in both houses and a full plate.
Three South American nations currently permit same-sex marriage: Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.
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JMG Gay Wedding Video Of The Day

Via press release:
A gay military couple has released a one-of-a-kind video citing their journey of love that lead to their marriage and covers their euphoric feelings about the historic steps the LGBT military community has taken in these short three years. The video is titled Jonathan & Dwayne | A Story About Love. The video features Jonathan and Dwayne Beebe-Franqui. They tied the knot not too long ago and show the unique moment of their engagement - the historic 2012 Uniformed Military March in San Diego Pride. The march made national headlines and global news due to the Pentagon issuing a blanket ruling for all LGBT service members and allies to march in uniform for the first time in a Pride parade in United States history.
You might need a tissue.

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Resposta de geneticista a Silas Malafaia [CC-eng] [Biologist refutes preacher on homosexuality]

For you pobrecitos who cannot yet understand the World´s Most Beautiful Language it has a link thingy at the bottom you can switch the subtitles to English...

Bob Seger - Kathmandu [HD]

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Tricycle Daily Dharma December 17, 2013

Our Fuller Potential

To open to our deepest nature, our buddhanature, is to access a power of loving compassion that has the courage to challenge oneself and others on whatever ways we may hide from our fuller potential.
- John Makransky, “Aren’t We Right to be Angry?”
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