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Via DailyKos: NOM And Oregon's Catholic Bishops: Same-Sex Parent Families Are Not "Genuine Families"

In response to the marriage equality ruling in Oregon, the Oregon Catholic Conference has issued this statement. It has been posted in full on NOM's blog, who say that the group "expressed their strong disapproval" over the decision. While NOM might interpret this to mean resolve and determination on the part of the Bishops, to me it means "it's time to point and laugh again".
But there's one part of the statement that I don't laugh at. The statement is a smear of not just marriage equality, and not just same-sex parents, but their children as well. In part, it reads:
The Oregon Catholic Conference will continue to uphold the true meaning of marriage and advocate for genuine marriages and families in Oregon[.]
None of us would be surprised at their statement that same-sex marriages are not genuine. But saying that families with gay parents are not genuine families shows how little shame they have. Their message to gay parents is that your efforts to raise children in a loving home with parents who love them is not genuine. The message to their children is that your parents aren't genuine parents, and that you don't live in a genuine family. Their message to both is that your families are lesser than other families, not deserving of our advocacy or legal protections to strengthen them.
To both NOM and the Catholic Church: If you're trying to protect children and their rights, you're doing it wrong.

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The Buddhist Story | May 29, 2014

We all walk out of the palace of youthful innocence at some point, and we actually see what’s going on. That’s the Buddhist story.
—Lewis Richmond, “Aging as a Spiritual Practice”