Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tomorrow is my Birthday, and I have huge plans!

Tomorrow begins my dedicated 365 day march towards my 60th birthday.  In anticipation for the hordes of visitors that will come to Ouro Preto in June of 2015 to celebrate this huge event, I will announce soon my plans for a 2.5 billion dollar (not in real)  stadium, a bullet train line from the new airport to OP. I promise, promise, promise that there will be no, absolutely no corruption, and no money will be taken from education or health care. 

Amanhã começa a minha dedicada marcha de 365 dias rumo ao meu 60 º aniversário. Em antecipação para os grupos de visitantes que virão para OP no mês de junho de 2015 para celebrar este grande evento, eu vou anunciar em breve os meus planos para a construção de um estádio de 2,5 bilhões (em dólar, não real) e de uma linha de trem-bala do novo aeroporto em Cachoeira do Campo para Ouro Preto. Eu prometo, prometo, prometo que não haverá nenhum, absolutamente nenhuma corrupção, e nenhum dinheiro será desviado da educação, da saúde ou de outros serviços básicos da população.

Both Sides Now by Mary Fahl (former lead singer of October Project)

Flower of the Day: 06/29/14

“It is important for us to take concrete actions towards helping to de-pollute our waters, especially through the awareness of where our trash goes. This is one of the main issues in the world today. However, what’s even more important is being aware of our relationship to the feminine. How is your relationship with your mother? De-polluting starts from the inside out by detoxifying our hatred. So, see how you are relating to women in general. Ask yourself if you are already able to give of yourself, to be a friend and to give thanks. See if you are able to root for the other’s happiness, or if instead you still act out of envy, jealousy and competition.”
Sri Prem Baba

Via Daily Dharma

We Need to Act | June 29, 2014

Meditation does not matter that much if it has no effect on the rest of our life. Likewise, we could be filled with empty words that do not lead to any change whatsoever in our life or our relationship with others. We need to act on our understanding and our awareness.
—Judy Lief, “Is Meditation Enough?”