Saturday, July 5, 2014

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Children of same-sex parents enjoy better levels of health and wellbeing than their peers from traditional family units, new Australian research suggests. In what they described as the largest study of its type in the world, University of Melbourne researchers surveyed 315 same-sex parents and 500 children about their physical health and social wellbeing. Lead researcher Doctor Simon Crouch said children raised by same-sex partners scored an average of 6 per cent higher than the general population on measures of general health and family cohesion. "That's really a measure that looks at how well families get along, and it seems that same-sex-parent families and the children in them are getting along well, and this has positive impacts on child health," Dr Crouch said.
Read the full study. (Tipped by JMG readers Alan and Str8 Grandmother)
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Forget the Self | July 5, 2014

To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things. Buddhist teaching suggests that the Self is an illusion, and identity is an ongoing confluence of forces. That means that, very literally, our sense of self is shaped by the world around us.
—Richard Eskow, "DNA Sutra"

Flower of the Day: 07/05/14

“Mental equanimity means placing one’s mind on God. Setting one’s mind on God is like putting down your baggage on the train’s luggage rack and relaxing along the journey. But the mind prefers to carry the burden of the baggage because leaving it on the rack requires trust. At the nucleus of the conditioned mind is fear, and one of the main aspects of fear is control. The ways of God are mysterious, and it’s not always possible to understand what God has planned for you. So one creates many expectations about one’s life and hopes that God will meet them. Yet only God understands our hearts and knows what we really need. This is why we must become aware of our lack of trust that has caused us to carry such a heavy burden.”
Sri Prem Baba