Friday, August 8, 2014

Matt Alber - House on Fire - Live

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Challenge How We Cling | August 8, 2014

When Buddhism says, 'It's an illusion, it's empty,' I think back to when Ignatius said, 'Your self—that's your problem. You have to conquer self, kill the self.' It's that tradition, both in Christianity and in Buddhism, in which we are challenged to let go of what is so comfortable and what we cling to as who we are, if we're going to open ourselves to reality and truth.
-Jerry Brown, “Politics and Prayer”

Flower of the Day: 08/08/14

“A lot of light is arriving on this planet, but our bodies are not yet fully attuned to these new frequencies of light. So it is possible that you may enter situations that are a result of this dissonance, but that still serve to move the energy that is stuck in your system. When this happens, be careful not to frighten yourself because that opens a hole that you can be swallowed by. In this case, you enter a spiritual emergency, which some may call an existential crisis, madness, or panic.”
Sri Prem Baba