Monday, August 11, 2014

Via Daily Dharma

No One Special to Be | August 11, 2014

When we bring awareness to our cherished self-images, such as our need to be special, they begin to lose their power over us. No longer puffing ourselves up or trying to stand out means we’re coming closer to living like a white bird in the snow. That is, we no longer feel the inner compulsion to see ourselves or be seen in a particular way—there is no ulterior agenda. 
- Ezra Bayda, “No One Special to Be” 

Flower of the Day: 08/11/14

“Just like sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, self-observation is a sense that we have, but it is stunted. It is necessary to work towards developing this sense by observing everything that passes through the mind without judging, classifying or labeling. You must renew yourself at every instance: make yourself completely present every moment. In this way, your consciousness will slowly expand.”

Sri Prem Baba