Monday, August 25, 2014

Via Daily Dharma

Derived from Mind | August 25, 2014

It is the various mental constructions that we hold, and hold dear, that appear as time and space, extension and duration. These—and all of the material world—derive from consciousness, which ladles out time and space from a timeless, spaceless sea. 
-Steve Hagen, "Time and Now"

Flower of the Day: 08/25/14

"Death is a myth that imprisons us, and what sustains this myth is forgetting about the spiritual reality. Death needs to be understood, as it is this myth that chains the soul to the body. At the time of your death, all of your unresolved fears and issues visit you, and this drags your awareness back to those places. Then, when you reincarnate, you are stuck at the same point."

- Sri Prem Baba