Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Stinking Bones | September 3, 2014

To stop the mind and contemplate stillness is a sickness, not Chan meditation. Constant sitting restricts the body—how could it help towards discovering truth? Listen to my verse:

You can sit without lying down from the moment you're born,
But when you die, you'll lie down, never again to sit.
How could you build a solid practice
On a set of stinking bones?! 
- Master Huineng, "Direct and Gradual"

Flower of the Day: 09/03/14

“Every time you create one thing to run away from another, sooner or later what you created will have to undergo some form of transformation. If you generated wealth to flee from poverty, you might need to lose this wealth to free yourself from the fear of being poor, so that you may become truly rich. True wealth comes from trust and plenitude – not from fear. When this transformation knocks on your door, you will start being tested greatly, until you succeed in developing the virtue of trust and move towards surrender.”

Sri Prem Baba