Monday, September 29, 2014

Via JMG: British Survey: 16% Have Had Gay Sex

A dwindling number of Brits believe that homosexuality should be made illegal again.
Attitudes to homosexuality are clearly becoming more liberal but there are still pockets of resistance. In total, 16% of Britons continue to believe that homosexuality should be outlawed. Men (19%) are more likely than women (13%) to advocate the banning of gay sex, and rejection of homosexuality peaks in London and the south-east, where more than one in five (21%) feel it should be illegal. However, at a total level, the proportion of Britons who believe gay sex should be illegal has reduced by eight percentage points, from 24%, since 2008.
According to the same survey, same-sex marriage support stands at 63%.
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Flower of the Day: 09/29/14

“Sometimes it’s good to be alone in order to redirect the focus of our willpower, especially when we are very addicted to codependency. Being alone helps us to get an objective perception of reality, and this perception will help us become free from the game of lust. At some point, we will be truly ready to surrender ourselves to a spiritual life, not as an escape from relationships, but because we have learnt what we had to learn through them.”

Sri Prem Baba

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Lifting the Veil | September 29, 2014

With study and practice, we can move beyond our reductive thinking, lifting the veil to reveal the true nature of reality. 
- Wendy Hasenkamp, "Brain Karma"