Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Via JMG: Human Rights Campaign Inducts 19 Members Of Congress Into Hall Of Shame

The Human Rights Campaign today announced the induction of 19 member of Congress into its Hall Of Shame for anti-LGBT actions.
“If you want to understand why LGBT equality has hit a roadblock in Congress, you don't need to look any further than these leaders of anti-LGBT obstruction and animus,” said David Stacy, HRC’s Government Affairs Director. “These members go out of their way to oppose any step toward equal protection under the law or to protect LGBT Americans from violence, discrimination and harassment. They proactively work to undermine existing legal protections and promote anti-LGBT discrimination.”

Released in advance of the HRC Scorecard for the 113th Congress, HRC identified these elected officials as the most anti-equality members of Congress by looking at their voting records in this and previous Congresses, their introduction and co-sponsorships of anti-LGBT legislation, and their public statements. While there are other anti-LGBT members of Congress, these elected officials’ legislative actions, votes and anti-LGBT vitriol unfortunately marks them with a modern day scarlet letter.
The only Democrat on the list, Rep. Mike McIntrye, has signed Rep. Randy Weber's laughably doomed bill that would limit the federal government to only recognizing same-sex marriages that are legally conducted in the state where the married couple resides. McIntrye is retiring after the current term.

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Via JMG: UPDATED: Wikipedia Marriage Map

UPDATE: JMG reader Bill directs us to the Flag Of Equal Marriage, which after today will be adding more stars.

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Flower of the Day: 10/07/14

"It would be tremendously positive for the evolution of human consciousness if parents were aware of the significance of bringing a child into the world. I have inspired people to see children as Atma, the divine spirit in development. Although the child is in a body, they have the spark of Parmatma, the supreme ineffable Absolute, and they have much to teach us. The child arrives on this plane with a well-defined purpose. They already arrive with their talents, and with a vision to share with the world. What they need is support so that this vision may be revealed."
Sri Prem Baba

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What Haiku Requires | October 7, 2014

[Basho] practiced Zen without insignia or ordination. Every decade he experienced a catastrophic reordering of his life. 'Let my name be "Traveler,"' he implored, following the narrow road of poetry to the far north. He shattered clever wordplay haiku to create a new mosaic of language, solitary and raw. 'The old verse can be about willows,' he observed, 'but haiku requires crows picking snails in a rice paddy.' 
- Wendy Johnson, "Seventeen Syllable Medicine"