Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flower of the Day: 10/09/14

"Another way to understand karma is as the traces that we leave behind. It is our open accounts: the words unspoken or feelings unexpressed. Presence is the master key, because only through presence can we act without leaving a trace. If there are still traces left, then it isn’t possible to merge with the ocean and free ourselves. We have to erase all of our traces by settling our open accounts with all others. This is why I have been focusing on the work of reconciliation."
Sri Prem Baba

Via Daily Dharma

The Power of Custom | October 9, 2014

That the Buddhist religion has survived so long in the world is a result not so much of the durability of manuscripts as of the power of ideas embodied in custom; and custom, for all our abundant sources of information, is what we lack and cannot in the long run do without. 
- Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano, "Selective Wisdom"