Saturday, November 1, 2014

UN rights office calls on Singapore's legislature to respond to court's decision, repeal anti-gay sex law

 Gary Lim and Kenneth Chee (right)

Using a 150 year old criminal law to prosecute individuals for engaging in consensual same sex conduct violates a host of human rights guaranteed by international law,' says the UN human rights office..He noted that as some political leaders in Singapore have publicly advocated for tolerance and inclusion, the UN hopes Singapore’s legislature will now respond to the Court's decision by repealing section 377A of the Penal Code and enacting comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that includes discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Via JMG: HRC Reacts To Sen. Ted Cruz

"It's curious that virtually everything that comes out of Senator Cruz's mouth is either an insult or a put-down. Today, it was Tim Cook, LGBT Americans and three of the GOP's most revered leaders. Positivity training should be on his to-do list. Lighten up, Ted. Coming out is the most courageous and important thing that an LGBT person will do in their lifetime. Tim Cook showed great courage and leadership in doing so. He no doubt will save lives by inspiring those struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. All we get from Senator Cruz is either backhanded compliments or his backhand." - Fred Sainz, vice present of the Human Rights Campaign, via press release.

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Lovely New Ad From Freedom To Marry

Ellen Goes Straight For Halloween

Via JMG: LGBT Business Group Lauds Tim Cook

Via press release from Out Leadership:
Out Leadership, a strategic advisory firm dedicated to cultivating LGBT and ally senior leaders to create global business opportunity and drive equality forward, congratulates Apple CEO Tim Cook on the occasion of his coming out publicly.

“While Tim Cook chose to publicly identify himself as gay for the first time yesterday, he and Apple have long been allies to the LGBT community,” said Todd Sears, Out Leadership’s Founder. “We particularly applaud his choice to use this moment to underline the business case for diversity and the value of out leaders in the boardroom.”

“Though Cook may not consider himself an activist, the fact that the leader of the world’s most valuable company is proud to be gay will no doubt reverberate globally,” Sears continued. “Apple is admired and emulated worldwide, including in many places that have historically been unwelcoming to LGBT people and professionals. Today it’s going to be a bit harder to both love your iPhone and be a homophobe.”
The above-linked press release includes quotes from the CEOs of Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Goldman Sachs.

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Flower of the Day: 11/01/14

"The meetings and farewells of life are forms that love uses to purify us from the distortions and projections that cloud our perception of love itself. Such projections make us feel like a victim, and a victim is always laden with expectations, whims, points of view and demands. As long as we are still undergoing purification, true gratitude cannot manifest, since we project these distortions onto the Divine itself. These projections are what turn our relationship with God into a negotiation, a bargaining. The healing work love is performing is constantly squeezing us until the only thing left is our very essence.”

Sri Prem Baba

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A Positive Attitude | November 1, 2014

Just as a flash of lightening on a dark, cloudy night,
For an instant, brightly illuminates all;
So, in this world, through the might of the Buddhas,
A positive attitude rarely and briefly appears.

-Shantideva, “But for a Moment”