Sunday, November 16, 2014

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Translation: Lack of understanding, generates prejudice which generates violence"

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Flower of the Day: 11/16/14

“There comes a moment when we perceive the senselessness of insisting on a certain negative situation: we see the stupidity of jealousy or envy, of rejecting others or being rejected, of feeling powerless, and so forth. Still, we want to continue dreaming in this sweet sleep, identified as we are with negatively oriented pleasure. Life will continue to give us wake up calls until we decisively choose to get out of this state. By looking at this aspect consciously, it is possible to renounce this behavior, enabling us to exchange a negative habit for a positive one.”

Sri Prem Baba

Via Dialy Dharma

Spiritual Friendship | November 16, 2014

It is important to have strong spiritual friendships—not spiritual in the rarefied sense, but in a really down-to-earth way, to have good friends in the dharma with whom you can talk things over, share experiences, share difficulties and whose spiritual support you're assured of.

- Sangharakshita, "Going for Refuge"