Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Flower of the Day: 11/30/14

“Whenever you are being squeezed by life and you feel like you are suffering, stop for a moment and get in touch with that suffering. Try asking what this suffering is trying to tell you: ‘Why am I suffering so much?’ If you are truly willing to see the truth, you will immediately receive an answer.”

Sri Prem Baba

Strain Out Whatever's Inessential | November 30, 2014

Zazen [meditation] and poetry are both studies of the mind. I find the internal pressure exerted by emotion and by a koan to be similar in surprising and unpredictable ways. Zen is a wonderful sieve through which to pour a poem. It strains out whatever’s inessential.

- Chase Twichell, "The Ghost of Eden"

Flower of the Day: 11/29/14

“All events that occur in life happen due to the law of karma; they act under the law of cause and effect. Still, not everything that happens to you is related to an image from your past. You can tell whether or not a particular event is actually related to a past frozen image by looking at the nature of the repetition and noticing whether it causes any internal division. If your conscious will is heading towards a particular direction, but life's experiences bring you to the exact opposite direction, then there is still an image from the past that needs to be dissolved. In order to dissolve an image that attracts negative situations, one needs to illuminate the value of acceptance.”

Sri Prem Baba