Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Via JMG: Ferguson Protesters Wed

Via Buzzfeed:
Alexis Templeton and Brittany Ferrell first met while demonstrating in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of unarmed Michael Brown and a grand jury’s subsequent decision to not indict the police officer who shot him. The two activists were married Tuesday at St. Louis City Hall — months after meeting while demonstrating in Ferguson. Both Templeton and Ferrell are prominently involved in Millenial Activists United, a youth-led organization that focuses on “educating and empowering” communities.

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Via Daily Dharma

Freedom from Dukkha | December 17, 2014

Freedom from dukkha doesn't mean eternal youth, or that we are never going to have a headache, never going to feel irritation, or loss, or get betrayed and hurt by others. Freedom from dukkha is not abdication from the human race, but a deeper acceptance of how we are, an acceptance that brings both equanimity, and also a clearer response.

- Thanissara, "The Grit That Becomes a Pearl"