Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Via Just a Bahai: Uganda's anti-gay laws get tougher

In this interview (…/ugandas-anti-gay-laws-get-to…/21003022/) with a Ugandan Gay rights campaigner - one thing he said was "that we need to get religious leaders that are very progressive to also engage in Uganda" - this was in reference to the influence of conservative American Christian groups who had been hosting anti-gay conferences (see:…/Uganda_Anti-Homosexuality_Act,_20…). We are talking about human beings being murdered by mobs as David Kato was (see my blog - The 2014 Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, (it was called the "Kill the Gays bill" until the proposed death penalty clauses were removed), allows for life imprisonment for someone who is declared gay or lesbian. When it was passed, world leaders such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, various Presidents, and religious leaders voiced their protest. The Vatican legal attaché to the United Nations made this statement: "Pope Benedict is opposed to 'unjust discrimination' against gay men and lesbians" (ibid)

On 1 August 2014, the Constitutional Court of Uganda ruled the law invalid because it didn't have the required quorum, and now the interview discusses a new bill that is being promoted by the Ugandan government. I hope that the UHJ's 2010 letter urging the Bahai community to stand up for the rights of those who are oppressed one day bears fruit. I have yet to read or to hear of a single Bahai community making any form of statement in support of human rights for gays and lesbians. I am not suggesting that Bahai communities should get involved in the politics of the day, but like the Vatican statement, it could show a stand against discrimination. In Uganda, most would think the Bahais were against gays and lesbians because of their past involvement in an anti-gay coalition: to undo that, the Bahai community would need to show in deeds that it is against any form of discrimination. But Bahai communities around the world need to show this too, because the only things on the topic of homosexuality that Bahai communities to date have publicized is to diminish the rights of gays and lesbians. How hard would it be for a Bahai community in any other country in the world to make a statement against discrimination against gays and lesbians? Looking the other way, saying nothing, is .... like letting the elephant keep its foot on the tail of the mouse. I thank God for countries around the world who do something about the plight of gays and lesbians and accept them as refugees.

Flor do Dia - Flor del Día - Flower of the Day - 24/12/2014

“Jesus é um mestre a quem muitos milagres foram atribuídos. Dizem que ele ressuscitou mortos, transformou água em vinho, multiplicou alimentos e fez cegos enxergarem. Mas isso é pequeno perto do maior milagre que ele realizou; é apenas um jogo para acordar a fé das pessoas. Às vezes somente milagres como esse (que transcendem os limites da mente) podem acabar com o sonho do ceticismo. Porém, o maior milagre de Jesus foi amar e perdoar até mesmo aqueles que o crucificaram. Esse é o verdadeiro milagre: a superação do ódio, da vingança e do medo; é compreender que o ataque, os maus tratos e o ódio do outro são, na verdade, gritos de socorro.”
Confira o satsang completo:

“Jesús es un maestro a quien se le atribuyeron muchos milagros. Dicen que él resucitó muertos, transformó agua en vino, multiplicó alimentos e hizo a los ciegos ver. Pero esto es pequeño cerca del mayor milagro más grande que él realizó, es sólo un juego para despertar la fe de las personas. A veces solo milagros como éste (que trascienden los límites de la mente) pueden terminar con el sueño del escepticismo. Sin embargo, el mayor milagro de Jesús fue amar y perdonar incluso a aquellos que lo crucificaron. Este es el verdadero milagro: la superación del odio, de la venganza y del miedo; es comprender que el ataque, el maltrato y el odio son, en realidad, gritos de socorro.”

“Many miracles were attributed to the master Jesus. They say that he resuscitated the dead, turned water into wine, multiplied food and made the blind see. But that is nothing when compared to the greatest of all his miracles... These other miracles were just a play, meant to awaken people’s faith. Sometimes only miracles like these, which transcend the limits of the mind, can put an end to the illusion of skepticism. Jesus’ biggest miracle was loving and forgiving even the ones who crucified him. This is the true miracle: overcoming hate, revenge and fear, and understanding that the other’s attacks, abuse and hate are all merely cries for help.”

Via Daily Dharma

The Psychology of Awakening | December 24, 2014

In its ability to shine light into the hidden nooks and crannies of our conditioning, psychological inquiry can serve as a powerful ally to spiritual practice. It can help break up the hard, rocky soil of our personality patterns so that this soil becomes permeable, allowing the seeds of spiritual realization to take root and blossom there more fully.

- John Welwood, "The Psychology of Awakening"