Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Poem: On the Train to Aalborg

   And now one can safely say
   There is no sangha,
   There is no refuge there.
So if you can give permission for the natural need in humans to hate
to condemn
   to judge
   to exclude
And yet pretend to be compassionate
and open
  I chose to keep moving.
You see
It seems that it is OK to ignore “Those people”.
Who over time were
   Burned at the stake
   Sent to ovens
   Shocked and lobotomized.
Because you decided that your god decreed it.
And so once again, they want to create yet another culture
That allows for this.
   So I thank you
For setting me free from this delusional mirage
Where because of who the traveler is
Heaven forbid
Because of who he loves
  Shall be shut out
  Shunned by you.
You say “begone with you”
I say “ begone with you”
   and I am free.
And now I walk on with the knowledge
   I am welcome at
   the next station
   the next refuge
   the next sangha.

Aahus, Denmark, 2015