Sunday, July 19, 2015

Via WGB: Most Republican and Christian business owners believe it’s wrong to turn away LGBTI customers

Two-thirds of small business owners from across the political spectrum oppose discrimination against gay people in US – but one in three still believe it’s OK.

The survey’s main findings were as follows:

55% of Republican small businesses and 62% of Christian small business owners oppose denying goods or services based on an owner’s religious beliefs.

• Eight in 10 entrepreneurs support a federal law to protect LGBT individuals against discrimination in public accommodations, such as restaurants, hotels and other businesses that are open to the public. Nearly half (47%) strongly favor a federal law banning this type of discrimination. Twenty per cent were opposed to any such federal law.

• Sixty per cent believed it to be wrong for a business owner to fire someone for being LGBT, while 40% believed it was acceptable. Full story here!