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Today's Daily Dharma: Right Attitude

Right Attitude
Right attitude in meditating and practicing is when the mind is not colored by greed or ill will or hatred or confusion. Then we can investigate, and wisdom will develop.
—Carol Wilson, "If We Watch, Wisdom Comes"
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Via Sri Prem BabaFlor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 30/09/2015

“Tenho dito que o principal veneno do ser humano é a negação. Ela é um mecanismo de defesa muito complexo que usa todo o repertório da mente para encobrir partes da nossa personalidade que não aceitamos e queremos esconder. Isso é o que nos mantém nos círculos da ignorância - brigando, disputando, competindo, acusando e defendendo. É isso que nos mantém na guerra.”

“Como he dicho otras veces, el principal veneno del ser humano es la negación. Ella es un mecanismo de defensa muy complejo que usa todo el repertorio de la mente para encubrir partes de nuestra personalidad que no aceptamos y queremos esconder. Esto es lo que nos mantiene en los círculos de la ignorancia – peleando, disputando, compitiendo, acusando y defendiendo. Es esto lo que nos mantiene en la guerra.”

“The primary poison human beings take is denial. It is a very complex self-defense mechanism that uses the mind’s whole repertoire to cover up the parts of our personality that we don’t accept and that we want to hide. This is what imprisons us in circles of ignorance; fighting, disputing, competing, accusing and defending. This keeps the war alive inside of us.”

Budismo no Ocidente: Refuge + Entrevista com Dalai Lama Inédito em Português.

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Via Bilerico: How Homosexuality Stopped Being a 'Disease'

We had been jointly planning our tactics over the past month. I and my compatriots of the Gay Liberation Front and Gay May Day collective, friends from the Mattachine Society, and members of the newly formed Gay Activists Alliance were to gather on this bright morning during the first week of May in 1971, and carpool up Connecticut Avenue in northwest Washington, DC to the Shoreham Hotel. Also uniting with us were people from out-of-town who joined us as part of "Gay May Day" as we attempted to shut down the federal government for what we considered as an illegal and immoral invasion into Vietnam.

We parked about a block away since we didn't want hotel security and attendees at the annual American Psychiatric Association conference to notice a rather large group of activists sporting T-shirts and placards announcing "Gay Is Good," "Psychiatry Is the Enemy," and "Gay Revolution." Half the men decked themselves in stunning drag wearing elegant wigs and shimmering lamé dresses, glittering fairy dust wafting their painted faces.

A year before, activists demonstrated outside the APA conference held in San Francisco. As a result, conference organizers conceded to permit a panel to lead a discussion workshop at this year's annual conference in DC under the title "Lifestyles of Nonpatient Homosexuals." The panelists included Dr. Franklin Kameny, Director of Mattachine DC; Barbara Gittings, Director of the Philadelphia office of Daughters of Bilitis; and Jack Baker, first "out" U.S. student body president at the University of Minnesota.
In their capacity as official conference panelists, they were granted inside access to all proceedings, including admission to the annual Convocation of Fellows, in which all attendees were to hear U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark deliver the keynote address in the hotel's over-the-top Regency Ballroom. Earlier in the week, some of us checked out the hotel's layout. The day before, a comrade placed a wedge in a doorway coming from the Rock Creek Park woods into the hotel, where we gained access.

All along, the panelists were to serve as our Trojan Horses. After the Convocation was called to order, and half-way through Clark's address, our insiders opened the doors and in we poured, chanting, waving, shouting. On stage, we witnessed a stunned Attorney General surrounded by similarly stunned and also upset APA officials, and seated in the front rows we noticed elderly men who wore gold medals around their necks. When they saw us, they stood and began beating us with their medals while shouting "Get out of here. We don't want any more people like you here!" Others yelled: "You're sick, you're sick you faggots, you drag queens!" Other psychiatrists stood up from their seats and attempted to push us physically from the hall. I was able to escape their grasp, and I sat locking arms with a contingent on the floor just beneath the stage.
Then Frank Kameny rushed the stage and grabbed the microphone, his booming voice cracking through the pandemonium even after the technician cut the power. "Psychiatry is the enemy incarnate," he yelled, the anger seemingly oozing from his pores. "You may take this as a declaration of war against you!"

And this was, indeed, our intent: to declare war on the psychiatric profession for the atrocities, the colonization, the "professional" malpractice it had perpetrated over the preceding century in the name of "science," the biological and psychological pathologizing of sexual and gender transgressive people. From the so-called "Eugenics Movement" of the mid-nineteenth century though the twentieth century and beyond, medical and psychological professions have often proposed and addressed, in starkly medical terms, the alleged "deficiencies" and "mental diseases" of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.


Via urious Liberals / FB:

Via Subhi Nahas: Help Save LGBTI Refugee Lives

Neil Grungras
Neil Grungras campaign leader
'I was sure I’d be raped or killed. I was terrified': My life as a gay Syrian refugee who had to flee Isis
I first escaped to Turkey, but I wasn't even safe there – a childhood friend who had joined Isis threatened to kill me through a mutual friend

By Subhi Nahas
Originally published by the Independent.

Growing up in my small city Idlib, Syria, I always knew I was different. I didn’t know what the difference was or what it was called, but I knew I had a secret to guard. That was a decade ago. Even in my worst nightmare, I didn’t dream that one day my beautiful country would implode. And I couldn’t possibly imagine that one day I would address the UN Security Council on behalf of all refugees including LGBT people like me.

Once my family and community in Idlib found out that I was gay, they confirmed my worst fears. I was “abnormal” and “sick.” Most of them believed – and probably still do – that gay people like me should be hospitalized, imprisoned and even killed. I felt desperately alone.
The internet saved me. I was hungry for information about who I was, and I learned there were others like me who were able to live happily – with careers, travel, and even love. Many were free to tell the truth about who they are.

When I was 15, before I came to terms with my identity, my parents suspected something was “wrong” with me and sent me to a therapist. Breaching rules of confidentiality, he told them I was gay.

From that time, I became a prisoner in my home and my town. My father watched my every move. Authorities of the Syrian government and Jabhat al Nusra, a branch of al-Qaeda, raided cafes and parks where LGBT people secretly gathered. Militants promised the townspeople to cleanse our town of gender nonconforming people. Many people were arrested and tortured. Some were never seen again.

Then I became a target of the militants. In 2012, I was on a bus heading to university. We were stopped. The young people, including me, were taken to a remote house where we were all physically assaulted and harassed. The militants took special notice of me. They called me “sissy,” “faggot,” and other insulting Arabic epithets. I was sure I’d be raped or killed. I was terrified. In the Idlib of 2012, there was no law — only people with guns. Miraculously, they let me go.

The terror followed me home, where my father and I had our last fight. The scar on my chin is a constant reminder of his violent reaction to my being different.

My only hope was to flee. I escaped first to Lebanon and then to Turkey, where I lived for three years and began to advocate for other LGBT people and refugees like myself. I co-founded a group, LGBT Arabi, to bring LGBT refugees and non-refugees together. I wrote a blog about LGBT rights.


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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 29/09/2015

“Todas as separações que existem em relação ao mundo exterior são por conta das separações que existem dentro de nós mesmos. Tem sido muito difícil criar união fora simplesmente porque tem sido difícil criar união dentro.”

“Todas las separaciones que existen en relación al mundo exterior son por culpa de las separaciones que existen dentro de nosotros mismos. Ha sido muy difícil crear unión afuera, simplemente porque ha sido difícil crear unión dentro.”

“All the separateness we see in the outside world comes from the separateness that exists inside of us. Creating union externally has been so incredibly difficult simply because we have not yet been able to create union within ourselves.”

Today's Daily Dharma: The Path, Simply Put

The Path, Simply Put
Buddhist teachings can be divided into three parts: sila, samadhi, and prajna: ethical conduct, concentration, and wisdom. Or to put it into the vernacular: clean up your act, concentrate your mind, and use your concentrated mind to investigate reality.
—Leigh Brasington, "Focus Comes First"
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Reposting: All the little things | Panti | TEDxDublin

The Queen Of Ireland | Official Trailer

For the Love of All Created by Thee - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Via WGB: Obama: Religious Freedom No Excuse to Deny Rights to Others

Freedom of religion isn't reason enough to deny any American their constitutional rights, President Barack Obama said Sunday as he addressed members of the LGBT community, one of his major sources of political and financial support.

Speaking at a Democratic Party fundraiser, Obama said it's important to recognize that some parts of the country remain uncomfortable with same-sex marriage and that it will take time for them to catch up to the majority of Americans who support such unions.

But while Americans hold dear the constitutional right to practice their religion free from government interference, he said that right can't be used to deny constitutional rights to others.
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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 28/09/20

“A grande maioria das pessoas escolhe sofrer através do isolamento. Por isso esse mecanismo de defesa precisa ser melhor compreendido. Você pode ser uma pessoa absolutamente silenciosa e não estar isolada. O isolamento é um estado de fechamento interno. São muros que você constrói a partir de crenças. Sair por ai tentando conversar e agradar o outro não significa que você está aberto. Enquanto não entra em contato com aquilo que sustenta esses muros, você segue culpando o outro pelo seu sofrimento e se isolando cada vez mais.”

“La gran mayoría de las personas elige sufrir a través del aislamiento. Por eso este mecanismo de defensa necesita ser comprendido mejor. Puedes ser una persona absolutamente silenciosa y no estar aislada. El aislamiento es un estado de cierre interno. Son muros que construyes a partir de creencias. Salir por ahí, intentando conversar y agradar al otro no significa que estás abierto. Mientras no entras en contacto con aquello que sustenta esos muros, sigues culpando al otro por tu sufrimiento y aislándote cada vez más.” 

“Most people choose isolation as their preferred form of suffering, so this self-defense mechanism really deserves to be better understood. We could be completely silent and yet not be isolated. Isolation happens when we shut down, building walls around us due to our beliefs. Attempting to converse with and please the other doesn’t mean that we are open. Until we are able to get in touch with the beliefs that sustain these walls, we will continue blaming the other for our suffering and isolate ourselves more and more.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Shining the Light

Shining the Light
Witnessing an atrocity, observing injustice in action, or otherwise directly encountering the things that have historically been invisible is a way of shining the light of awareness into the dark corners of our world—much as meditation shines a light into the unexamined shadows of our mind.
—Andrew Olendzki, "Shining a Light"
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Film Brilliant Moon-Life of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche-Budismo Tibetano-Legendas Português

Homossexualidade e Budismo. | Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Via LionsRoar: Shamatha Meditation: Training the Mind

“The process of undoing bewilderment is based on stabilizing and strengthening our mind,” says Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. “Shamatha meditation is how we do that.”

We sometimes forget how the Buddhist teachings came into being. We forget why the Buddha left his father’s palace. Dissatisfied with maintaining an illusion, he wanted to understand his life—and life itself.

Just like the Buddha, most of us would like to discover some basic truth about our life. But are we really capable of knowing what’s going on? This is a question that relates to the most profound truth of the Buddhist teachings. The Buddha’s answer is, “Yes, ultimately we are. But we need to go on a journey of meditation to find out, because essentially we are in a state of bewilderment.” Why are we bewildered? Because we don’t understand how our mind works.

The process of undoing bewilderment is based on cultivating the ability to become familiar with, stabilize, and strengthen our mind. Being aware and observant of what’s happening in our mind gives us an opportunity to see a more profound level of truth all the time. In the practice of meditation, we learn to zoom back and get a bigger perspective, rather than always thinking so small.

The Buddha understood that if we want to go on any kind of journey—not just a spiritual one but also a secular one, such as studying or doing business—we need a mind that is workable. We need a mind that we can rely on. That’s the notion of training the mind, of making the mind workable so it can do whatever it needs to do.

Shamatha, or mindfulness, meditation is how we make this mind more stable, more useful. From this point of view, shamatha is not purely a Buddhist practice; it’s a practice that anyone can do. It doesn’t tie in with a particular spiritual tradition. If we want to undo bewilderment, we’re going to have to be responsible for learning what our own mind is and how it works, no matter what beliefs we hold.

The word shamatha in Sanskrit (Tib.: shi-ne) means “peacefully abiding.” Peacefully abiding describes the mind as it naturally is. The word “peace” tells the whole story. The human mind is by nature joyous, calm and very clear. In shamatha meditation we aren’t creating a peaceful state—we’re letting our mind be as it is to begin with. This doesn’t mean that we’re peacefully ignoring things. It means that the mind is able to be with itself without constantly leaving.

In meditation we learn how to calmly abide: we learn how to let ourselves just be here peacefully. If we can remember what the word “shamatha” means, we can always use it as a reference point in our practice. We can say, “What is this meditation that I’m doing? It is shamatha—calmly, peacefully abiding.”

At the same time we begin to see that our mind isn’t always abiding calmly or peacefully. Perhaps it’s abiding irritatingly, angrily, jealously. Seeing all of this is how we begin to untangle our bewilderment.

Meditation is a very personal practice. Just like the Buddha, we can approach it by way of valid cognition: “What is truly valid? What is the truth of my experience?” We begin to realize what we don’t know, and we become curious.

In doing so we leapfrog from question to answer, with each new answer leading to a new question. And if we persist we begin to experience another truth that the Buddha also discovered: in every situation there is the continuum of the truth. Each answer is followed naturally by the next question. 

It’s seamless.

With this kind of practice and inquisitiveness, the Buddha learned to look at the landscape of life in a clear, unbiased way. When he began to teach, he was just reporting his observations: “This is what I see. This is the truth about how things are.” He wasn’t presenting any particular viewpoint. He wasn’t preaching dogma; he was pointing out reality. We forget this. For example, most people would say that one of the key teachings in Buddhism is karma. But the Buddha did not create karma; the Buddha just saw it and acknowledged it. Saying that karma is a Buddhist belief is like saying that Buddhists believe water is wet. And if you’re a Buddhist, you must also believe that fire is hot!

In meditation, what we’re doing is looking at our experience and at the world intelligently. The Buddha said that this is how we learn to look at any situation and understand its truth, its true message, its reality. This is what a Buddha does—and we are all capable of being Buddhas, whether or not we are Buddhists. We all have the ability to realize our naturally peaceful minds where there is no confusion. We can use the natural clarity of our mind to focus on anything we want. But first we have to tame our minds through shamatha meditation.

Perhaps we associate meditation with spirituality because when we experience a moment of peacefully abiding, it seems so far-out. Our mind is no longer drifting, thinking about a million things. The sun comes up or a beautiful breeze comes along—and all of a sudden we feel the breeze and we are completely in tune. We think, “That’s a very spiritual experience! It’s a religious experience! At least worth a poem, or a letter home.” Yet all that’s happening is that for a moment we are in tune with our mind. Our mind is present and harmonious. Before, we were so busy and bewildered that we didn’t even notice the breeze. Our mind couldn’t even stay put long enough to watch the sun to come up, which takes two-and-a-half minutes. Now we can keep it in one place long enough to acknowledge and appreciate our surroundings. Now we are really here. In fact, this is ordinary. We can bring the mind under our own power. We can train it to be useful and workable.

This is the not just the point of being Buddhist, it’s the point of being human.

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Por que o Budismo não apoia o amor romântico? | Thich Nhat Hanh

Cultivando sua mente e seu coração | Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo (Mind & Its Potential 2014)

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo no Brasil | Ensinamento #3: sabedoria, natureza da mente e meditação vipassana

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo no Brasil | Ensinamento #2: meditação shamatha

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo no Brasil | Ensinamento #1: introdução ao budismo e à felicidade genuína

Via FB:

Via my amigo Joseph on FB: Yesterday in a discussion on friendship

I said that I base my friendship philosophy on this passage:

' To make the most of yourself is to live so that your inner life will rejoice.

It is to live so that you will receive the feeling, at the very depth of your soul, that it is wonderful to be alive."

The answer is to help others.
Your life expands to embrace others.
You are able to rejoice because your life grows.
The people around us are mirrors on which we can look at our lives.

To help others - that is how man has been created"
Seicho no ie Book of Daily Life... so on a personal level - I treasure my friends who are so generous and kind to others - always trying to add beauty and joy to another persons life... Those are my friends

So I guess that's why
when I find out someone is a narcissist- only thinkkng about themselves ... I slowly but surely stop sharing energy and they surely but slowly go away.

Quite simple really .... " as the cliche goes " birds of a feather flock together."

Yeah to all my friends!!!!!!!!!!

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 27/09/20

“Uma das crenças que permeiam a mente condicionada e que é um grande obstáculo para a liberdade, é acreditar que a felicidade vem de fora de nós. E essa crença alimenta outra crença: a de que somos vítimas indefesas da maldade do mundo. Vemos a maldade somente no outro, o que gera separação e isolamento, e ainda por cima acreditamos que somos colocados nesse lugar por ele.”

“Una de las creencias que permean la mente condicionada y que es un gran obstáculo para la libertad, es creer que la felicidad viene de afuera nuestro. Y esa creencia alimenta otra creencia: que somos víctimas indefensas de la maldad del mundo. Vemos la maldad solamente en el otro, lo que genera separación y aislamiento, y aún por encima creemos que somos colocados en ese lugar por él.”

“The belief that happiness comes from the outside is a core tenet of the conditioned mind and a great obstacle towards freedom. This belief in turn feeds another: that we are helpless victims of all the evil in the world. We only see evil in the other, and this generates separation and isolation. Worse yet, we then believe that we are in this painful state all because of what the other did to us.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Generosity Produces Peace

Generosity Produces Peace
Receiving is a powerful—and intimate—practice, for we are actually inviting another person into ourselves. Rather than focusing on our own practice, or on our own virtue, we can focus on providing an opportunity for someone else to develop generosity. . . . That moment itself is unsullied. For that reason it is said that generosity is the discipline that produces peace.
—Judy Lief, "The Power of Receiving"
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United Future Organization - Tears Of Gratitude

Stephen Colbert’s All-Inclusive Wedding Cake Toppers

Via WGB: Guess Who Grindr Users Want in the Oval Office?

"In partnership with Rock the Vote, Grindr recently conducted a early election poll of its users to find out their presidential preferences.

The results?

  • Bernie Sanders edges out Hillary Clinton 38% to 35% among Democrats.
  • Donald Trump is topping the poll with 21% support among Republicans. John Kasich and Jeb Bush came next, each with 7%. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina were both at the 5% level, with others candidates trailing behind.
  • 76% of respondents said they vote in both general and presidential elections (for comparison, just 36.4% of eligible voters turned out in the 2014 midterm)
  • When asked to name the “biggest issue” facing America today, “the economy, stupid” won the results with 50% support. Other issues were immigration (10.3%), healthcare (9.8%), minority rights (9%), and LGBT rights (3%)." 
After Marriage Equality, Then Comes... That said, LGBTQ matters still remain front and center on Grindr guys’ minds. Asked “After marriage equality, what’s next for the LGBTQ movement in the U.S.?” – 41% singled out “Pushing forward the Equality Act to end legal LGBTQ discrimination.” “Fighting HIV/AIDS” drew 15% of votes; then, “ensuring that states follow the law on marriage and adoption” was selected by 12.4% and after that “strengthening transgender rights” was the choice of 11.5%.

Young with a Point of View. What’s the profile of these electorally savvy Grindr users? They are young or young-ish – 56% told us they were either in the 20-29 or 30-39 age groups. As for political affiliation – more than half of our respondents identified as Democrats (51%); with 19% Independents and 15% Republicans. (H/T - Towleroad via Grindr blog.)

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Via Gay Christians / FB:

Mercedes Sosa - Gracias a La Vida

Today's Daily Dharma: All is We

All is We
Somewhere this very moment, babies are born, fathers are dying, mothers are grieving. Yet, pervading all is a groundless awareness, delicate and strong at the same time. Everything becomes we, a beating heart with a transparent, radiant smile. And we are awake.
—Judith Simmer-Brown, "Insomnia"
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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 26/09/20

“Podemos dizer que iluminação espiritual é sinônimo de pureza de coração. Mas, o que é um coração puro? É um coração sem maldade, pois somente esse coração é capaz de ver a luz que está por trás da sombra do outro e perdoar. O coração puro vê a alma por trás dos corpos. Ele não olha os bons e os maus hábitos dos outros, ele olha a alma por trás disso. O coração puro é capaz de amar de verdade - e o Amor vê a si mesmo.”

“Podemos decir que iluminación espiritual es sinónimo de pureza de corazón. Pero ¿qué es un corazón puro? Es un corazón sin maldad, porque solamente ese corazón es capaz de ver la luz que está por detrás de la sombra del otro y perdonar. El corazón puro ve el alma por detrás de los cuerpos. Él no mira los buenos o malos hábitos de los otros, mira por detrás de eso. El corazón puro es capaz de amar de verdad - y el Amor se ve a sí mismo.”

“Spiritual enlightenment is synonymous with purity of heart. What is a pure heart? It is a heart without malice. Only this kind of heart can see the light behind the other’s shadow and thus be able to forgive. A pure heart doesn’t look at the good or bad habits of the other – it only sees the soul behind all of this. Only a pure heart can love in a true way, for love sees itself in everything.”

Friday, September 25, 2015

Via Buddhist Network / FB:

New Audio Download - Discover Forms of Yoga with Ram Dass

Are you searching for new methods or techniques that you can use to connect with and more fully embody a deeper state of awareness?

When we first begin to recognize that who we are is not limited to time and space, we often wonder how we can effectively investigate our growing curiosity.

In this new audio release, Ram Dass offers a detailed and informative exploration of several traditional forms of yoga that can be applied in our daily lives to facilitate working with, rather than against, our humanity.

In this talk, Ram Dass helps us to discover:

- Methods for escaping the prison of the mind, body and heart
- Practical applications of different Yogic forms in daily life
- How to become the creator, not the victim
- How to learn to let go when things inevitably change

A lengthy question and answer period concludes the discussion, covering a variety of topics including physical pain, the role of choice in our lives, emotions and awareness, obsessions, intuition versus ego, and conscious parenting.

Your download also helps to support the efforts of the Love Serve Remember Foundation to curate more enriching talks from Ram Dass and friends for years to come, making his teachings available for future generations.

Download the talk here.

Purchase the download so you can take it with you on a drive or hike while saving data on your cellular plan. You can also share with a friend.

**There will be a free streaming version available starting October 15th.

We hope you find this talk useful in cultivating more awareness in your day-to-day life.

Love Serve Remember Foundation  

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Via Dalai Lama in Australia / FB:

Sri Prem BabaFlor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 25/09/201

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“O ser humano tem se deixado levar pelo poderoso encantamento que o faz acreditar ser vítima do sistema e das situações negativas da vida. Mas as soluções que buscamos não serão encontrada enquanto estivermos apontando o dedo para o outro e reclamando de braços cruzados. Precisamos agir e unir forças para criarmos um mundo melhor. Nossa maior força se manifesta quando unimos nossos dons e talentos e os colocamos a serviço do bem maior.”

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“El ser humano se ha dejado llevar por el poderoso encantamiento que lo hace creer ser víctima del sistema y de las situaciones negativas de la vida. Pero las soluciones que buscamos no serán encontradas mientras estemos apuntando el dedo hacia el otro y reclamando de brazos cruzados. Necesitamos actuar y unir fuerzas para crear un mundo mejor. Nuestra mayor fuerza se manifiesta cuando unimos nuestros dones y talentos y nos colocamos al servicio del bien mayor.”

Project Everyone - Global Goals
"Human beings have been driven by the powerful enchantment that makes us believe we are victims of the system and the negative situations in our lives. However, the solutions we seek will not be found while we are pointing the finger at each other and complaining idly. We need to take action and join forces to create a better world. Our greatest strength is manifested when we unite our gifts and talents and put them at service of the greater good."

Today's Daily Dharma: In Defense of Desire

In Defense of Desire
Clinging—not desire—is where we get stuck, and it’s possible to embrace desire without clinging by infusing it with awareness. Desire, in fact, can be a powerful meditative tool on the path to enlightenment.
—Mark Epstein, "In Defense of Desire"
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Today's Daily Dharma: Practice from Strength

Practice from Strength
You lack nothing. You lack nothing, therefore you practice. Therefore you must realize and manifest this no-lack, this realized life, this awakened life that you are.
—Elihu Genmyo Smith, "No Need to Do Zazen, Therefore Must Do Zazen"

Via Sri Prem Baba Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 24/09/201

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“O segredo da paz é estarmos unidos e felizes, independentemente das nossas diferenças. Porque não é possível globalizar (unificar) a cultura, as etnias e a religião. Tentar fazer isso apenas estimula a violência. Você não pode obrigar o outro a pensar como você. Por isso, a única maneira de vivermos em paz e harmonia é ajudando uns aos outros e respeitando as diferenças.”

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“El secreto de la paz es estar unidos y felices, independientemente de nuestras diferencias. Porque no es posible globalizar (unificar) la cultura, las etnias y la religión. Intentar hacer esto, solo estimula la violencia. No puedes obligar al otro a pensar como tú. Por eso, la única manera de que vivamos en paz y armonía es ayudándonos los unos a los otros y respetando las diferencias.”

Project Everyone - Global Goals
"The secret to peace is to be united and happy, regardless of our differences. We cannot globalize or unify culture, ethnicity and religion. Trying to do this only encourages violence. We cannot force the other to think like us. The only way to live in peace and harmony is by helping each other and respecting one another’s differences."

Via FB:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today's Daily Dharma: Death Is a Part of Living

Death Is a Part of Living
Until you realize the fundamental fact that reality is really in the moment, you’re thinking about long-term goals—'when I do this' and 'when I become that'—so you think, I don’t want to die, because then I won’t be able to do all these things. But if you’re living in the present, death becomes a part of living.
—Jason Lewis, "An Interview with Jason Lewis"
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Via Huffington: Marriage Equality Opponents Need to Admit Actual Reason for Their Loss

It is well beyond time that the lgbt community recognize and call out this ridiculous Kim Davis drama for what it is - merely a sideshow to cover up the fact that the overall case against marriage equality was nothing more than a pitiful delusion. It was a sad pursuit run by people who had more money and influence than common sense; more gall than love; and more ways to get their message out, but absolutely no way to make it more palpable or more flavorable than the bland, watery indigestible stew of discrimination that it was.

In the early days of the fight, marriage equality opponents were on an incredible streak via their ability to get state after state to pass anti-marriage equality laws. They, led mostly by the National Organization for Marriage, were riding high in their glory. It didn't matter that their talking points about "marriage uniting the two halves of humanity" was basic balderdash repeated by one spokesperson (NOM president Brian Brown) who spoke out of the side of his mouth in a monotone worthy of a character from an Ed Wood movie. It didn't matter that their other spokesperson (Maggie Gallagher) practically oozed false sincerity and brazenly lied about her anti-gay animus even when confronted with evidence of it.

And it certainly didn't matter that while they whined about falsely being labeled as bigots, they simultaneously ran ads and commercials implying that gays were attempting to corrupt children, even while entities such as Politifact and one of their own supporters called them out on it.

All that mattered were the wins because, as Gallagher once put it, "winning is fun."

But they were so blinded by their wins, they got just a little too overconfident and weren't prepared when the argument shifted away from public votes and into the courtrooms.

I consistently remain amazed about how they were mortified when the courts stepped in. After all, it was the next step. Isn't that how it's done in this country? Laws are passed and if some feel that the laws are unjust, they challenge them in our courts.

It was when gays challenged marriage equality laws via the courts that the masks of false superiority came off and we began to see the true faces of marriage equality foes. They made so many crucial errors and missteps Allow me to address these errors and missteps (and in doing so, I want to speak directly to Brown, Gallagher, other leaders of the anti-marriage equality camp, and possibly anyone else still upset at our victory):

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Surprising Reaction to Gay couple SOCIAL EXPERIMENT

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Empathic Civilisation

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 22/09/201

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Sabemos que cada forma de vida tem sua função no ecossistema. Tudo que existe se relaciona de forma interdependente, inclusive o que está dentro de nós. O externo é um reflexo do interno. Portanto, a conservação da vida marinha é essencial para preservar o equilíbrio do ciclo maior da vida.”

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Sabemos que cada forma de vida tiene su función en el ecosistema. Todo lo que existe se relaciona de forma interdependiente, incluso lo que está dentro de nosotros. Lo externo es un reflejo de lo interno. Por lo tanto, la conservación de la vida marina es esencial para preservar el equilibrio del mayor ciclo de la vida.”

Project Everyone - Global Goals
"We know that every life form has its role in the ecosystem. Everything that exists is interdependent, including in our inner world. The external is but a reflection of the internal. The conservation of marine life is essential to preserving balance in the larger cycle of life."

Today's Daily Dharma: With Your Own Eyes

With Your Own Eyes
The most inspiring teaching of the Buddha is: Don’t believe anybody, including the experts, even if they’re angels. Open your eyes and look for yourself.
—Laurie Anderson, "Laurie Anderson Partners with Former Gitmo Detainee in Newest Work"
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Via PinkNews: Prince William condemns homophobia in surprising Royal first

Current Affairs

Prince William condemns homophobia in surprising Royal first

The future King condemned homophobia during the trip (Photos by Matt Dunham - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
The future King condemned homophobia during the trip (Photos by Matt Dunham - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Prince William has taken part in a session on bullying and homophobia in schools, in which he specifically spoke out against homophobia for the first time.

The future King visited Hammersmith Academy today, to take part in a session with pupils to provide practical tips to prevent anti-LGBT bullying, and cyber bullying.

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 21/09/201

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
"Um dos maiores desafios para a o homem moderno é minimizar o impacto causado pelas mudanças climáticas, cujo sintoma principal é o desequilíbrio do sistema hídrico. As águas estão tentando nos ensinar alguma coisa. Precisamos ouvir e compreender sua mensagem, caso contrário, essa será a maior crise da história humana.”

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Uno de los mayores desafíos para el hombre moderno es minimizar el impacto causado por los cambios climáticos, cuyo síntoma principal es el desequilibrio del sistema hídrico. Las aguas están intentando enseñarnos algo. Necesitamos escuchar y comprender su mensaje, de lo contrario esta será la mayor crisis de la historia humana.”

Project Everyone - Global Goals
"One of the biggest challenges for modern civilization is how to minimize our impact on climate change, whose main symptom is an imbalance in the water cycle. The waters are trying to teach us something. We need to listen and understand the message, otherwise, this will be the greatest crisis in human history."

Today's Daily Dharma: Always Interdependent with Nature

Always Interdependent with Nature
“Part of what fuels manic consumption is the desire to fill gaps in our lives that emerge because of severed connections of various kinds—with community, with one another, and also with the natural world. We tend to think about connections to nature as something you have to get out of the city in order to build. . . . But I also think that we have to be able to engage with the fact that we are still profoundly dependent on nature even when we are in urban environments.”
—Naomi Klein, "Capitalism vs. the Climate"
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

PWR BTTM - 1994 (Official Music Video)

Boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible

Via WGB: Vatican Reportedly Irked by LGBT Guest List at Pope’s White House Ceremony

"Several guests invited to the White House for the welcoming ceremony for Pope Francis are reportedly troubling the Vatican including openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, Mateo Williamson, is a former co-leader of Dignity USA Transgender Caucus, and Sister Simone Campbell, the pro-choice nun who is executive director of NETWORK, a 44-year-old national social justice lobbying group. Williamson is the guest of Vivian Taylor, a trans woman who formerly served as executive director of Integrity USA, an Episcopal LBGT advocacy group.

The WSJ reports:

According to a senior Vatican official, the Holy See worries that any photos of the pope with these guests at the White House welcoming ceremony next Wednesday could be interpreted as an endorsement of their activities.

The tension exemplifies concerns among conservative Catholics, including many bishops, that the White House will use the pope’s visit to play down its differences with church leaders on such contentious issues as same-sex marriage and the contraception mandate in the health care law." Full story here via Towleroad!

WGB :: Yet another reason (reason #3,871) why I love the Obama Whitehouse!

Via The Master Shift / FB:

Via Sri Prem BabaFlor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 20/09/201

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Para que possamos salvar o planeta, o consumo compulsivo precisa dar lugar ao consumo responsável. E isso só é possível se o ser humano se libertar da carência afetiva que cria a necessidade de agregar valor à falsa ideia de eu. A carência é a maior doença do ser humano. Ela nos faz acreditar que, através do acúmulo de bens materiais, seremos felizes.”

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Para que podamos salvar el planeta, el consumo compulsivo necesita dar lugar al consumo responsable. Y esto solo es posible si el ser humano se libera de la carencia afectiva que crea la necesidad de agregar valor a la falsa idea de yo. La carencia es la mayor enfermedad del ser humano. Nos hace creer que, a través de la acumulación de bienes materiales, seremos felices.”

Project Everyone - Global Goals
“In order to save the planet, compulsive consumption must give way to responsible consumption. This will only be possible if human beings can become free of the emotional neediness that makes us strive to add value to the false idea of self. Neediness is the greatest disease of mankind, and makes us believe that we can only be happy by accumulating material goods."

Today's Daily Dharma: Awakening from Without.

Awakening from Without
“One is not capable of achieving one’s salvation by one’s own conscious effort. In fact, it is the very realization that one is so incapable that leads to the transformation that constitutes real Buddhist wisdom: namely, the awakening to non-self.
—David Brazier, "Other-Power"
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