Saturday, January 3, 2015

Via JMG: Today On Truth Revolt

DeGeneres doesn't actually have any children, but hey, people are being mean to Sarah Palin.

UPDATE: They've quietly changed the headline and text of the story, but have posted no notice of correction.

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JMG Headline Of The Day


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Via JMG: On Highsexuality

Dr. Marcie Bianco writes at
Does getting high make you a little gay? If so, you may just be a "highsexual." The term, ensconced in Urban Dictionary since 2009, made its way onto two Reddit forums in recent weeks as a way to describe the alleged phenomenon of participating in sex with someone of the same gender or having same-sex fantasies when getting incredibly high. But while perhaps not common parlance, these two threads — "Can LSD make you temporarily gay?" and "Weed makes me temporarily gay. Anyone else?" — are example of a phenomenon that's been around for awhile. It seems straight guys have wondered about "highsexuality" for a few years, given the plethora of online evidence. Are drugs the key to sexual fluidity in men? Responses in both Reddit threads exhibited an awareness of "highsexuality," as well as the fact that getting high makes you horny and just might lead to a more unconventional sexual encounter. But they also were encouraging in their acceptance of sexual fluidity.
Hit the link for examples from the Reddit threads.

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Via Out & Proud Veterans of America / FB:

Flor do Dia - Flor del Día - Flower of the Day - 03/01/2015

“Para evoluirmos enquanto humanidade precisamos aperfeiçoar nossa capacidade de nos relacionar, ou seja, precisamos aprender a nos relacionar com o outro sem machucar. Esse é o nosso maior desafio. Nesse “outro” está inclusa a natureza, a nossa casa. Precisamos aprender a conviver em harmonia, preservando, não destruindo. Destruir é muito fácil. Cortar o tronco de uma árvore é simples, mas não é possível colocá-lo de volta. Estamos agora colhendo os frutos do que plantamos, ou melhor, do que não plantamos (destruímos). Estamos sendo convidados a rever nossas ações, nossos hábitos e condicionamentos, pois a forma como vivemos até agora não tem funcionado.”

“Para evolucionar como humanidad necesitamos perfeccionar nuestra capacidad de relacionarnos, es decir, precisamos aprender a relacionarnos con el otro sin lastimar. Este es nuestro mayor desafío. En este "otro" está incluida la naturaleza, nuestra casa. Precisamos aprender a convivir en armonía, preservando, no destruyendo. Destruir es muy fácil. Cortar el tronco de un árbol es simple, pero no es posible colocarlo de vuelta. Ahora estamos cosechando los frutos de lo que plantamos, o mejor dicho, de lo que no plantamos (destruimos). Estamos siendo invitados a revisar nuestras acciones, nuestros hábitos y condicionamientos, pues la forma como vivimos hasta ahora no viene funcionando.”

“In order for humanity to evolve, we need to improve our capacity to relate to others. We need to learn how to relate to others without hurting anyone. This is our greatest challenge. This ‘other’ also includes nature, which is our home. We need to learn to live with one another in harmony, by preserving and not destroying. It is very easy to destroy something: it’s simple to cut a tree trunk, but impossible to put it back together. We are now harvesting the fruit of what we planted - or rather of what we did not plant, but destroyed. We are being invited to reflect on our actions, our habits and conditioning, because the way we’ve been living until now hasn’t been working.”

Via Daily Dharma

Help Buddhism Evolve | January 3, 2015

Buddhist practice is a wonderful, very important expression of people's interest in something that goes beyond their own self-interest. It is a profound practice, a lineage practice. We actually have the capacity, and, in a sense, each of us has the responsibility—whether we know it or not or like it or not—to understand it. Study it. Practice it. Make it available to others. And in that way, this lineage can continue to be sustained and evolve and develop and be helpful.

- Myogen Steve Stücky, "To the Last Moment"