Thursday, March 5, 2015

Via JMG: George Takei: Give Alabama The Finger

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Via JMG: Wall Street To SCOTUS: Yes On Marriage

Via CNN:
Wall Street's leading banks have signed a "friend of the court" brief pressing the Supreme Court to back same-sex marriage. Major financial firms including AIG, Bank of America, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs JPMorgan, UBS and Wells Fargo signed the brief that will be filed on Thursday. Spokespeople at each of the companies confirmed to CNN that they are named in the brief. Other signatories include a range of small and large companies in a variety of sectors including technology, healthcare and retail. "The brief argues that the existing confused legal landscape places significant burdens on employers and their employees—making it increasingly hard to conduct business," said Elliott Frieder, a spokesman for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, the law firm that will file the brief on behalf of the firms.
A similar banking coalition filed a DOMA brief in 2013.

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Via JMG: David Koch To Sign SCOTUS Brief

Politico reports:
David Koch, the big money political donor and liberal boogeyman, has agreed to sign onto to an amicus brief supporting same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court, the Washington Free Beacon reported. The brief he will reportedly sign in DeBoer v. Snyder, a case that could afford same-sex couples a constitutional right to marry, will host a number of other prominent conservative signatories, including retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, former Reagan White House chief of staff Ken Duberstein and former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman. An attorney for Koch Industries told the Free Beacon that Koch will join the brief in a personal capacity, indicating his support for gay marriage does not necessarily indicate a larger message from the Koch network of donors.
In 2012 Koch backed Romney, who signed onto NOM's anti-marriage pledge.

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Via JMG: SCOTUS Sets The Date: April 28th

Equality Case Files has the announcement.

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Via JMG: Twitter To SCOTUS: Yes On Marriage

See the full list. Facebook is there too, of course.

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Via JMG: Nebraska Turns Mustard

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia - Flor del Día - Flower of the Day - 05/03/2015

“Sadhana (prática espiritual) é sinônimo de bater na porta do salão da Verdade, o que significa libertar-se de tudo o que acreditamos ser verdade para que sobre apenas a Verdade. Em outras palavras, significa libertar-se de crenças, conceitos, ideias e interpretações que têm base no conhecimento emprestado, ou seja, tudo aquilo que você entende intelectualmente, mas ainda não experienciou. Isso é o que chamo de imaginação ou sonho – um sonho que projetamos no outro. Esse sonho precisa cessar, você precisa despertar, e você faz isso através do seu sadhana.”

“Sadhana (práctica espiritual) es sinónimo de golpear en la puerta del salón de la Verdad, lo que significa liberarse de todo lo que creemos que es verdad para que quede solamente la Verdad. En otras palabras, significa liberarse de creencias, conceptos, ideas e interpretaciones que se basan en el conocimiento prestado, es decir, todo aquello que entiendes intelectualmente, pero que aún no has experimentado. Esto es lo que llamo imaginación o sueño - un sueño que proyectamos en el otro. Este sueño necesita terminar, tú precisas despertar, y lo haces a través de tu sadhana.”

“Sadhana, spiritual practice, is synonymous with knocking on the door of the truth. This means freeing ourselves of everything that we believe to be true so that the only thing left is the truth itself. In other words, liberating ourselves from beliefs, concepts, ideas and interpretations that are based on borrowed knowledge. Borrowed knowledge refers to everything that we understand intellectually, but have not yet experienced for ourselves. This is what I call ‘imagination’ or a ‘dream’ that we project onto the other. This dream must end – we have to wake up, and we do so through our sadhana.”

Via Daily Dharma

Questioning the Question | March 5, 2015

Be in harmony with each breath, each moment, and know that in giving yourself this time to develop awareness and a steadiness of attention you are nourishing spirit, head, and heart. Let it be an adventure, and in the silence and the stillness that comes with practice you’ll discover wonders here for you, now.

- Gil Fronsdal, "Questioning the Question"