Friday, March 13, 2015

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día- Flower of the day - 13/03/2015

“Colocar-se a serviço significa colocar seus dons e talentos a serviço do amor. Quando se coloca a serviço, você se sente ocupando o seu lugar no mundo, e percebe que tem muito para dar. Quando começa a dar, você começa a experimentar o sabor e a fragrância da alegria. E é justamente por isso que tenho colocado tanto foco na importância do serviço.”

“Colocarse al servicio significa colocar tus dones y talentos al servicio del amor. Cuando te colocas al servicio, te sientes ocupando tu lugar en el mundo, y percibes que tienes mucho para dar. Cuando comienzas a dar, comienzas a experimentar el sabor y la fragancia de la alegría. Y es justamente por eso que vengo colocando tanto foco en la importancia del servicio.”

“To serve means to put your gifts and talents at the service of love. When you put yourself at service, you feel that you are assuming your place in the world and realize that you have a lot to give. When you start to give, you begin to taste the flavor and smell the fragrance of joy. That is why I have focused so much on the importance of service.”

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Quiet for a Moment | March 13, 2015

We get quiet for a moment in meditation. We sink down to a relaxedness, a calmness, abruptly free from all the crazy dreams we confuse with reality. And in that instant, by mistake maybe, or because we aren’t thinking to stop it from happening—we experience, in a flash, things as they really are.

- William R. Stimson, "My Brief Career Composing Spanish Music"