Sunday, March 15, 2015

Via JMG: Cyndi Lauper: The FRC Wants Homeless LGBT Kids Excluded From Federal Act

Via press release from Cyndi Lauper:
Can you believe that there are people actively working to leave youth out in the cold? Don’t they realize it's just going to push us to work even harder to protect our kids?! The Family Research Council is one of those groups. Their target: a clause in the the Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act that would specifically protect the 40% of homeless youth who identify as identify as LGBT.

This is what they had to say about the clause: “It contains a definition of gender identity (‘actual or perceived gender-related characteristics’) and sexual orientation that would require special protections for some individuals at the expense of the safety and privacy of all youth served by providers.”

I don’t understand how ensuring welcoming, affirming, and appropriate services for all youth jeopardizes anyone’s safety or privacy. Programs and services receiving federal funding must be inclusive of 100% our youth, not just 60%. This isn’t about protecting some youth, but ALL youth.
You can donate to Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund here.

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Via JMG: RUSSIA: Ikea Closes Website Over Fears About "Gay Propaganda" Laws

Via the BBC:
Ikea is to close down an online magazine in Russia over fears it could flout the country's law banning the promotion of gay values to minors. In a statement, the furniture giant said some articles in Ikea Family Live could be viewed in Russia as gay "propaganda". The controversial law was approved by President Vladimir Putin in 2013, drawing criticism from rights groups. They say it has been used to ban gay rights events, a claim Russia denies.

In the statement (in Russian), Ikea said: "When we do business, we observe the legislation of the countries where we work, therefore to avoid violations, we have taken the decision to stop publishing the magazine in Russia." It said the magazine - which is published in 25 countries - "shows different aspects of people's lives at home, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and religion". "The magazine reflects the values ​​of the Ikea company, including equal rights and opportunities for all."
Late in 2013, Ikea removed a story about a British lesbian couple from its Russian website, drawing protests from GLAAD.

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día- Flower of the day 15/03/2015

“A máscara é um mecanismo de defesa que você desenvolve para evitar entrar em contato com as suas feridas infantis. Ela é uma idealização a respeito de si mesmo. E você idealiza porque ouve e assiste muita coisa a respeito do que é certo ou errado, do que é bom ou ruim. Você recebe informações sobre como ser uma pessoa aceita (ou rejeitada), e a partir disso, usando seu repertório mental e suas qualidades de raciocínio, você começa a construir um personagem para poder agradar e receber energia de alguma maneira.”

“La máscara es un mecanismo de defensa que desarrollas para evitar entrar en contacto con tus heridas infantiles. Ella es una idealización al respecto de ti mismo. Y tú idealizas porque oyes y ves muchas cosas al respecto de lo que está bien o está mal, de lo que es bueno o malo. Recibes informaciones sobre cómo ser una persona aceptada (o rechazada), y a partir de eso, usando tu repertorio mental y tus cualidades de raciocinio, comienzas a construir un personaje para poder agradar y recibir energía de alguna manera.” 

“Masks are the defense mechanisms we develop to avoid getting in touch with our childhood wounds. These masks are the idealized versions of ourselves. We create these ideals because we hear and see a lot about what is right or wrong; good or bad. We receive so much information on how to get accepted or rejected. Based on these observations, our mental repertoire, and our ability to rationalize, we begin to create a personality that will please others and receive energy in some way or another.”

Via Daily Dharma

Inner Wealth | March 15, 2015

When we’re in tune with our inner wealth—the qualities of compassion, contentment, patience, and so on—it’s endless, it’s timeless. Those are the qualities that we’re born with. Everybody. The whole process of meditation is all about trying to dig into this inner wealth, to access it.

- Trinley Thaye Dorje, "Diamond-like Resolve"