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Why am I so gay? | Thomas Lloyd | TEDxGeorgetown

Via JMG: Freedom From Religion Foundation Runs Full-Page Anti-RFRA Message In NYT

The above message ran in Sunday's New York Times.

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The Young Professionals - All Of It But Me ft. Anna F.

JMG HomoQuotable - Dan Savage

"Rand Paul is a different kind of Republican! Rand Paul has all sorts of new ideas! New ideas like, um, opposing same-sex marriage, backing the 'Life Begins at Conception Act' (which would make abortion illegal), and keeping marijuana illegal. Rand Paul also has a big new idea about climate change: it's not happening and Paul opposes efforts to regulate carbon emissions! Rand Paul wants to increase defense spending by $190 billion! He opposes Obama's nukes deal with Iran, and he fully backs the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that allows unregulated and unlimited contributions to flow into campaigns! Rand Paul also supports the Supreme Court decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act! Paul opposes all gun control measures, has pledged to repeal Obamacare, and wants to use drones to police our border with Mexico and increase the number of deportations. Rand Paul isn't like all of those other Republicans who want to do all of the exact same things Rand Paul wants to do." - Dan Savage, writing for the Stranger.

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Obama Takes Jab at Critics in Prayer Breakfast

Via JMG & Freedom to Marry: General Mills Puts Freedom To Marry Head Evan Wolfson On The Wheaties Box

Freedom To Marry: "Wheaties is 'the breakfast of champions' and General Mills, its parent company, is a supporter of the freedom to marry. So, it's pretty cool that they created a commemorative box featuring Freedom to Marry's President Evan Wolfson." Uh oh, time for double boycott!

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Via Lama Surya Das / FB:

The Middle Way is the way of balance, sanity, inner strength, purity and restraint, steadfastness, and moderation.
'The Middle Way is the way of balance, sanity, inner strength, purity and restraint, steadfastness, and moderation.'

Jon Stewart Weighs In On Indiana, Anti-LGBT Businesses

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día- Flower of the day 07/04/2015

“Alguns acreditam que a meditação ocorre através de um esforço pessoal, outros entendem a meditação como ausência de esforço. Existem diferentes técnicas e propósitos. Quando uso a palavra meditação, me refiro a um processo de absorção: o praticante é tomado pelo Divino. Ele entra num estado onde se percebe como satchitananda - existência, consciência e bem-aventurança - e se torna uma testemunha passiva. Ele entra nesse estado quando sua mente está completamente serena, assim como um lago calmo que reflete perfeitamente a luz do sol. Somente uma mente serena pode refletir a perfeição do Eu divino.”

“Algunos creen que la meditación se produce a través de un esfuerzo personal, otros entienden la meditación como la ausencia de esfuerzo. Existen diferentes técnicas y propósitos. Cuando uso la palabra meditación, me refiero a un proceso de absorción: el practicante es tomado por lo Divino. Entra en un estado donde se percibe como satchitananda - existencia, consciencia y bienaventuranza - y se convierte en un testigo pasivo. Él entra en este estado cuando su mente está completamente serena, así como un lago calmo refleja perfectamente la luz del sol. Solamente una mente serena puede reflejar la perfección del Yo divino.”

"Some people believe that meditation occurs through a personal effort, others understand meditation as effortlessness. There are different techniques and purposes. When I use the word ‘meditation,’ I refer to a process of absorption: the practitioner is taken over by the Divine. She enters a state that is perceived as satchitananda, existence, consciousness and bliss, and becomes a passive witness. One enters this state when the mind is completely serene, like a calm lake perfectly reflecting the light of the sun. Only a quiet mind can reflect the perfection of the divine self."

Sesame Street: Game of Chairs (Game of Thrones Parody)

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The Self as Process | April 7, 2015

The Buddha’s teaching is highly radical in its break with essentialist thinking, which usually conceives of the 'real' as that which does not change. The Buddha’s view was that absolutely everything was changing and therefore the self was not exempt. As a result, Buddhist thinking conceives of the self as process rather than as a fixed and immutable essence.

- John Peacocke, "Investigating the Buddha's World"