Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día- Flower of the day 07/05/2015

“Ao longo da jornada evolutiva a entidade humana constrói máscaras para se proteger da dor. Essas máscaras são criadas de acordo com o que ela tem, com sua história, com o ambiente onde vive - de acordo com o karma que ela carrega. Alguns aprendem que, para conseguirem o que querem, precisam ser vítimas, outros aprendem que precisam ser agressivos. Alguns entendem que precisam ser caridosos e religiosos, outros que precisam ser criminosos. Alguns vestem a máscara da autossuficiência, da superioridade, outros da impotência e da fragilidade. Mas, não importa qual seja a máscara, ela não tem nada a ver com a verdade de quem é você.”

“A lo largo del camino evolutivo la entidad humana construye máscaras para protegerse del dolor. Estas máscaras son creadas de acuerdo con lo que ella tiene, con su historia, con el ambiente donde vive - de acuerdo con el karma que carga. Algunos aprenden que para conseguir lo que quieren, tienen que ser víctimas, otros aprenden que necesitan ser agresivos. Algunos entienden que necesitan ser caritativos y religiosos, otros que necesitan ser criminales. Algunos visten la máscara de la autosuficiencia, de la superioridad, otros de la impotencia y de la fragilidad. Pero no importa cuál sea la máscara, ella no tiene nada que ver con la verdad de quien eres.”

"Throughout the evolutionary journey, human beings create masks to protect themselves from pain. These masks are shaped through our possessions, our life’s history, our personal environment, and the karma we carry. Some people learn that they have to be a victim to get what they want, others learn that they need to be aggressive. Some people believe that they need to be charitable and religious, others believe they have to be criminals. Some people wear the mask of self-sufficiency and superiority, others wear the mask of helplessness and weakness. No matter what the mask is, it has nothing to do with the truth of who you are.”

Via JMG: Porno Pete: NOM Lied About Hate March

Brian Brown told numerous outlets that attendance at last month's hate march was 15,000.

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Via JMG: ARIZONA: Rubio Headlines Fundraiser For Group That Backs "Ex-Gay" Torture

Yesterday Sen. Marco Rubio headlined a fundraiser for the vile Arizona Center For Public Policy, which advocates for "ex-gay" torture among other anti-gay positions. Chris Geidner reports at Buzzfeed:
Although there was no media inside the room at the Center for Arizona Policy fundraiser, held at Arizona Christian University, and a spokesperson from Rubio’s campaign did not respond to repeated requests Wednesday for comment about the event or what Rubio planned to say, at least two attendees did post on social media from within the event with remarks from Rubio. “Even as I’m speaking to you now, a human life is being terminated in America,” a congressional staffer attending Wednesday’s event quoted Rubio as saying. The staffer works for Rep. Trent Franks, who also was in attendance. “Without faith at the core of our society, you fall into an era of moral relativism,” the staffer quoted Rubio as saying. When Rubio was discussing marriage, the Franks staffer did not quote Rubio directly, but he tweeted, “Dangerous era in America, says @marcorubio, where if you believe in the traditional definition of marriage, you’re a bigot.”
Two weeks ago Rubio declared that he believes that sexual orientation is "something people are born with." It doesn't appear that he addressed "ex-gay" therapy during his speech.

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