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Colombian Interior Minister Juan Cristo yesterday vowed to soon make same-sex marriage legal. Via Gay Star News:
"The government supports the fight for equality and we will adopt measures providing equal marriage rights for all," Cristo said at the Andes University in Bogota on Thursday, as reported by Efe. He said he would not submit to the mercy of the majority on matters related to human rights, as 'respect for equal rights is not optional'. In July 2011, Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled Congress had two years to legalize same-sex marriage or an equivalent of marriage. As Congress failed to mass a marriage equality bill, the courts began approving marriages themselves. But then, the country's Inspector General requested the Court invalidate all the marriages approved in Colombia. Only 30 same-sex couples were given a license.
Cristo claims that Colombia's leading political party, the National Unity Coalition, is behind him. The party presently holds 60 out of 266 seats in the national legislature.

RELATED: In South America same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Civil unions or partnership laws exist in Chile*, Colombia, and Ecuador. No relationship recognitions presently exist in Bolivia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru**, Suriname, or Venezuela. (*In April the Chilean government formally dropped its opposition to same-sex marriage. **In March the Peruvian Congress rejected a civil unions bill.)

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Fight Like Apes - Vote Yes (Pet Shop Boys cover) for marriage equality

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For this reason, he explained, “the fullest expression of faith is not just asking for protection from another source, but longing to become fearless beings ourselves, able to offer protection and refuge to others.”

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“Perdão é sinônimo de liberdade, ele é o que possibilita a liberação. É uma tremenda libertação ter seu coração aberto, e é uma sensação de grande aprisionamento ter seu coração fechado. Um dos principais carcereiros dessa prisão é o orgulho. E junto dele está o medo. Porque muitas vezes é extremamente humilhante ter que reconhecer o quanto você está magoado; o quanto está ressentido com a atitude do outro. E isso faz de você um prisioneiro.”

“Perdón es sinónimo de libertad, éste es el que posibilita la liberación. Es una tremenda liberación tener tu corazón abierto, y es una sensación de gran aprisionamiento tener tu corazón cerrado. Uno de los dos principales carceleros de esta prisión es el orgullo. Y junto a él está el miedo. Porque muchas veces es extremadamente humillante tener que reconocer cuán herido estás, o cuán resentido estás con la actitud del otro. Y esto hace de vos un prisionero.” 

"Forgiveness means freedom: it brings on liberation. It is tremendously freeing to keep your heart open. Closing the heart is terribly imprisoning. If the chief warden at this prison is pride, his right-hand man is fear. It often feels downright humiliating to own up to just how resentful you feel, to just how hurt you feel for the other's attitude. All this makes of you a prisoner."

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The Buddhist Narrative | May 15, 2015

Humanity’s original condition is not one of blissful harmony but rather of ignorance repeatedly leading to suffering. Recognizing this sets one on the path to awakening.

- Richard K. Payne, "What's Ethics Got to Do with It"