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Tracy Chapman: "Stand By Me" - David Letterman

Via JMG: US Rep. Ted Lieu To Introduce Bill To Ban "Ex-Gay" Torture As Fraudulent Practice

Chris Geidner reports at Buzzfeed:
On Tuesday morning, Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California will introduce a federal bill to ban commercial efforts to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity — often called conversion therapy. “The public views conversion therapy as quackery, as something that harms people,” Lieu told BuzzFeed News on Monday afternoon, just after landing back in D.C. from California. “Eventually, I believe Congress will catch up to that, but you do need to start somewhere, so that’s why we’re introducing this legislation.” He faces an uphill battle: The legislation, which would label conversion therapy an “unfair or deceptive act or practice” that would be illegal under the Federal Trade Commission Act, is being introduced with less than three dozen co-sponsors — all of whom are Democrats. Lieu does, however, have a powerful ally in his effort. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has signed on as an original co-sponsor of the bill.
While a state Senator in California, Lieu was behind his state's successful ban on the "ex-gay" torture of those under age 18. His federal bill, however, would not limit the ban to minors. Lieu tells Buzzfeed, "Fraud is fraud, whether you practice it on a 16-year-old or a 45-year-old." The SPLC is currently suing an "ex-gay" group in New Jersey on the same grounds.
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Be My Yes #2

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día- Flower of the day 19/05/2015

“Ninguém quer estar no inferno sozinho. A pessoa que está perdida sempre quer levar com ela alguém que já se encontrou e que está bem. Se você está em busca de um caminho, tudo bem, esse é o seu momento. O problema é você convidar o outro pra ir com você. Assim você gera um karma para si e para o outro. Então, antes de fazer o convite, veja se você sabe mesmo para onde está indo. E se você é quem recebe o convite e dá ouvidos a ele, talvez você ainda esteja precisando sofrer mais um pouco. Sofrimento se alimenta de sofrimento. Essa é uma estratégia da natureza inferior para continuar existindo.”
Para ler o satsango completo, acesse: http://bit.ly/1QYPXF2

“Nadie quiere estar en el infierno solo. La persona que está perdida siempre quiere llevarse con ella a alguien que ya se encontró y que está bien. Si estás en búsqueda de un camino, todo bien, este es tu momento. El problema es que invites al otro a ir contigo. Así generas un karma para ti y para el otro. Entonces, antes de hacer la invitación, fíjate si realmente sabes a dónde estás yendo. Y si eres tú quien recibe la invitación y le das oídos a ella, tal vez todavía estés necesitando sufrir un poco más. El Sufrimiento se alimenta del sufrimiento. Esta es una estrategia de la naturaleza inferior para continuar existiendo.”

“No-one wants to be in hell alone. A person who is lost always wants to take someone down with them who has already found him or herself and is doing well. If one is searching for a path, that’s fine. This is one’s time to do so. The problem arises when we invite someone else to come along with us, because then we generate karma for ourselves and for the other. So, before we issue an invitation, we must think about whether we actually know where we are going. If we are the ones receiving an invitation and we give it our attention, perhaps we still need to suffer a little more. Suffering feeds off of suffering. This is one strategy the lower self uses to continue existing.”

Today's Daily Dharma: "Get-What-You-Want" Buddhism

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Daily inspiration and practical advice
"Get-What-You-Want" Buddhism
Some of us already have the material basics; some of us do not. All of us want a respite from suffering. And the thirst for nirvana is no less a desire than is the hope for a better job or the wish that one's grandchildren will carry on the family's Buddhist traditions. We all practice get-what-you-want Buddhism; we just want different things.

- Jan Nattier, "Visible & Invisible"