Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Via JMG: A Clue From Notorious RBG?

Every word uttered by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being scrutinized for possible clues to the coming ruling on same-sex marriage and some are seeing another hint in a comment made this weekend during an interview with the American Constitution Society. Via the Washington Post:
Asked about the public’s rapid acceptance of gay rights, she repeated her view that it was a natural response to gay Americans being more open about their sexuality. “Gay people stood up and said, ‘This is who I am,’” Ginsburg said, and Americans saw that the person was a neighbor, a child’s best friend or maybe even their own children. They were “people we know and love and respect.” As she was speaking, the gay pride parade was rolling through downtown just a few blocks away, and the Capital Hilton, where the ACS was meeting, was flying a rainbow flag just below Old Glory. “The court is not a popularity contest, and it should never be influenced by today’s headlines,” Ginsburg said. But she added that it “inevitably it will be affected by the climate of the era. “I think that’s part of the explanation of why the gay rights movement has advanced to where it is today — the climate of the era.”
The comment comes at the 51:00 mark below.

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Via JMG: Scott Lively's Crimes Against Humanity Trial Begins, Liberty Counsel Demands More Information From Ugandan Plaintiffs

The crimes against humanity lawsuit against Scott Lively began today with his Liberty Counsel lawyers demanding more information from the plaintiffs, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). Via MassLive:
Lively is being represented by the Liberty Counsel, based in Orlando, Florida, which bills itself on its website as "an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family." It has provided pro bono legal assistance on these and related topics since 1989. Attorney Roger Gannam on Tuesday argued that lawyers for the plaintiffs were being so surreptitious in turning over documents - already subject to an "attorney's eyes only" restriction - that it was hindering Lively's ability to wage an effective defense.
"Scott Lively has no desire for the information except for this lawsuit," Gannam argued to U.S. Magistrate Judge Katherine Robertson. "SMUG has not proved that it's reliable in deciding what Scott Lively should see and shouldn't see." In particular, the lawyer cited an email relating to a SMUG fund-raiser geared toward paying fees in the Lively case, which he said was so heavily redacted even the subject line was blacked out. Gannam also referred to images the plaintiffs have withheld of participants at the 2009 workshop in Uganda, which he argued Lively couldn't confirm were there if he can't see their faces. Gannam also suggested the plaintiffs' representation of the significance of the 2009 workshop in Uganda was overstated.
Lively did not attend today's hearing. According to the above-linked report, he is planning to move his ministry from Springfield to Riverside, California in order to "expand the brand."

RELATED:  On May 11th SMUG issued a subpoena which demands that notoriously anti-gay Ugandan Pastor Martin "Eat Da Poo Poo" Ssempa appear to testify at the trial. The subpoena included a $1900 check to cover Ssempa's travel costs from Uganda. Normally a prolific many-times-per-day Twitter user, Ssempa has not tweeted since the subpoena was issued.

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Via JMG: MEXICO: Catholic Church Exorcises Satan Out Of Entire Nation Because Gays

Because gays and abortion, actually. Via Breitbart:
In an extraordinary act of spiritual warfare, several bishops and exorcist priests have performed what is being called a “Magno Exorcismo” (great exorcism) of the entire country of Mexico following a series of events that the bishops see as linked to the presence and influence of Satan. On May 20, the former Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez [PHOTO], the Archbishop of San Luis Potosi, Carlos Cabrero, as well as several exorcist priests from various Mexican dioceses held a closed-door exorcism ritual at the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Luis Potosí. Bishop Cabrero explained the hush-hush nature of the ceremony, saying that otherwise “it arouses morbid curiosity and misinterpretations” when what we are after is simply “doing good for everyone.” In a telephone interview, Father Fortea declined to give details about the ceremony, but said that “undoubtedly the abortion, Satanism, corruption, the cult of ‘holy’ death and the legalization of sexual aberrations have caused great satanic infestation throughout Mexico.” All of this, he said, has unleashed widespread violence precisely because of the action of the devil. The purpose of the exorcism was to “drive the demons out of Mexico,” he said.
RELATED: On June 3rd the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that states may no longer ban same-sex marriage, although couples in the majority of Mexican states must still, for now, hire a lawyer, pay around $1000, and wait a month to obtain a judge's order to marry. Same-sex marriages have been recognized nationwide since Mexico City repealed its ban in 2010 and three states had already done away with their bans, but the latest ruling will surely expedite the removal of the remaining roadblocks.  
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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día- Flower of the day 16/06/2015

“Por que evitamos tanto o movimento em direção à nossa interioridade? Porque talvez seja mais desafiador do que você se mover em direção a outro planeta. Porque mover-se em direção àquilo que nunca morre, em direção ao Eterno dentro de nós, é onde reside a grande aventura.”
Ouça o Satsang completo: bit.ly/1CaQvPm

“¿Por qué evitamos tanto el movimiento en dirección a nuestra interioridad? Porque tal vez esto sea más desafiante que moverte en dirección a otro planeta. Porque moverse en dirección a aquello que nunca muere, en dirección al Eterno dentro nuestro, es donde reside la gran aventura.”

“Why are we so resistant to moving our attention inwards? Perhaps because it is more challenging to do this than it is to move towards outer space. The movement towards that which never dies, towards the Eternal within us, is where the great adventure lies.”

Today's Daily Dharma: The Dawning of Truth.

The Dawning of Truth
If we use the practice tools that develop intelligence and clarity with a confused, selfish motivation, reality is bound to collide with our fiction. This is where practice is supposed to bring us. This is the proof that the dharma works. It?s the end of our confused, fictive world, and the dawning of truth.

- Lama Tsony, "Facing Fear"

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Via JMG: AUSTRALIA: Anti-Gay Couple May Not Be Able To Stay Together & Legally Divorce

Earlier this week an anti-gay Australian couple earned international headlines when they declared that that they will divorce in a symbolic stand against same-sex marriage. But as it turns out, their plan to remain living together may thwart any divorce under Australian law.
The Family Law Act states that an application for divorce will only be considered if the parties had separated and lived separately for a continuous period of at least 12 months. Family lawyer Denis Farrar said the court also needs to be satisfied that there is no reasonable likelihood of cohabitation being resumed. "It surprises me that any sensible person would make such a threat, because you can't get a divorce unless you've been separated for 12 months," he said. "It doesn't sound like Mr Jensen could truthfully swear that those facts are correct. And in that case he may apply for a divorce, but he won't get it unless he lies."
Mr Jensen conceded the Family Law Act may throw a spanner in the works. "There will be issues around the fact that we would have to prove that our marriage was irreconcilably broken, which it isn't," he said. But Mr Jensen said he and his wife could look at a legal challenge, which would leave them effectively fighting for their right to get divorced. "It would be quite ironic if the state wouldn't actually allow us to get divorced," he said. "If a group of people got together and said 'actually, we want to take this to the courts', then maybe that would be something we'd be involved with. It's something we take very seriously, and we feel in our conscience that we can't actually partake in any redefined marriage."
Jensen, not incidentally, is the former director of the Australian Christian Lobby.
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US Embassy Celebrates Tel Aviv Pride 2015

Via JMG: Wingnuts Cry "Staged!" After Gay Couple Kisses When Clinton Mentions Marriage

The Tea Things over at Twitchy are very upset that two men could be seen kissing as Hillary Clinton mentioned marriage equality during her speech at Roosevelt Island today. It took me about an hour of sorting through the various live feeds to find the right camera angle and take a screenshot, but as you can see the couple was standing in just the right spot.

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Today's Daily Dharma: Not Worth Clinging

 Image: Alfredo de Stéfano
Not Worth Clinging
Whenever you see yourself identifying with anything stressful and inconstant, you remind yourself that it?s not-self: not worth clinging to, not worth calling your self. This helps you let go of it. When you do this thoroughly enough, it can lead to awakening.

- Thanissaro Bhikkhu, "What the Buddha Never Said: ?There is no Self.?"