Monday, June 29, 2015

Sacramento churchgoers vary on same-sex marriage decision

Parishioner: The best thing would be to accept gays

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Just days after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling, extending the right to marry to same-sex couples, the faithful headed to church for the first time Sunday with the issue top of mind.

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Via JustaBahai Blog: Can a rainbow be partisan?

There is a flurry of rainbows on facebook, in celebration of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision on June 26, 2015, that 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection clauses require states to license same-sex marriages and to recognize same-sex marriages lawfully licensed and performed in other US states.

In a Bahai run group, a Bahai stated that Baha’is publicly supporting gay rights will lead to grave consequences in other countries. It is an argument I have heard many times before, and it holds no water. The fact that our international administration is seated in Israel and that Baha’is believe in a messenger of God after Muhammad are much stronger reasons for any Muslim to be upset at Bahais. 

We do not hear of Bahais saying, we must stop public statements of belief in Baha’u’llah do we? On the contrary, if Bahais were seen as were a source of comfort or safety, in countries where gays and lesbians are oppressed, that would do wonders for our image as a religion that preaches equality and justice. I am not saying Bahais must be defenders for the oppressed, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

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President Obama to Declare 6/26/16 National Equality Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama called the Supreme Court decision requiring states to recognize same-sex marriage “a victory for America.” Now the Commander in Chief is set to honor those who fought for marriage equality by issuing an executive order declaring 6/26/16 National Equality Day.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Transgender Rights (HBO)

Via FB Today:

The right for same-sex marriage has been recognized, and the apocalypse didn't happen. Time will show the irrationality of the fears. 

Religious freedom didn't fail. Religious oppression did. People went to church today and worshipped much as they did last week. Church doors were not closed. Police didn't haul ministers of the gospel off to jail. The millions of marriages in America between a man and a woman did not immediately come to an end. 

Only two things in the rights of the LGBTQ community were decided this week. States couldn't block same-sex marriage, and they had to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Some states have chosen to obfuscate. Others wisely accepted the inevitable. But the fight isn't over.
The seeds have been planted for full LGBTQ equality in the secular society of our country. The religious communities must now struggle with how they move forward.

- Richard Errington

Today's Daily Dharma: Great Faith, Great Doubt, Great Determination

Great Faith, Great Doubt, Great Determination
These are like the three legs of a tripod. It is uncertain whether we can accomplish the dharma if one of these three legs is missing. If all three are present, however, we would be more likely to miss the ground with a hammer than we would be to miss enlightenment.
Koun Yamada, "Great Faith, Great Doubt, Great Determination"