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Pink Moon: A Short Film About LGBTQ and Reproductive Rights

The 'Queens' of Camp Comedy 'What A Performance' - Williams, Grayson, Everett

How gay men used to speak - A short film in Polari

JMG Quote Of The Day - Evan Wolfson

"I always believed we would win, but what a joy and relief it was when our victory came. As I read the Supreme Court opinion, as I followed the stories across the country of couples getting married, and as so many people wrote me with wonder, attaching pictures of their families, their kids, their weddings ... well, I cried and cried again.
"We won. We did it. The freedom to marry is now the law of the land throughout our whole country. At long last, loving and committed same-sex couples are able to share in the joy, the protections, the vocabulary, and the institution of marriage.

"We've been fighting this campaign for decades, and not a single step has come easily. To overcome the obstacles and to seize the opportunities, with stumbles and then successes, we built a machine that could guide and leverage a movement, driving a strategy — and machines take fuel. Without your support, this transformation and triumph would not have happened.

"And our win is America's win. Love won. We all did.

"Now — as Freedom to Marry prepares to wind down — we must remember that there's still much work to do in our own LGBT movement and in the broader movements we are part of.

"I am grateful to my incomparable Freedom to Marry team, our close movement colleagues, the entire family of supporters and partners in the work, our allies, and our country. How lucky we are to see our work rewarded with the change and victory we sought and deserved.

"All that's left is to say, with all my heart, is congratulations — mazel tov! — and thank you." - Freedom To Marry founder Evan Wolfson, via email.

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#LoveWins: A celebration of the freedom to marry

President Obama Reacts to Historic Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the day 02/07/2015

“Nosso destino é construído através de cada pensamento, cada palavra e cada atitude - tanto o destino pessoal quanto o destino coletivo. Nossas ações determinam nosso futuro. A cada instante temos a chance de escolher entre ações que nos afastam ou ações que nos aproximam da nossa própria liberdade.”

“Nuestro destino se construye a través de cada pensamiento, cada palabra y cada actitud - tanto el destino personal como el destino colectivo. Nuestras acciones determinan nuestro futuro. A cada instante tenemos la oportunidad de elegir entre acciones que nos alejan o acciones que nos acercan a nuestra propia libertad.”

“Our destiny is created through every thought, word and action. This can be said for both our personal and collective destiny. Our actions determine our future. Every moment, we have the opportunity to choose between actions that will either take us further away from or bring us closer towards our own freedom.”
No Senado, projeto cria lei semelhante à determinação do CNJ garantindo a conversão de união estável entre pessoas do mesmo sexo em casamento civil. Opine sobre a proposta

Veja um breve histórico sobre a regulamentação do casamento civil entre pessoas do mesmo sexo no Brasil

Today's Daily Dharma: Liberation Through Suffering

Liberation Through Suffering
It is very hard to extract some sort of enduring positive gain from dharma practice without taking a really thorough look at your own mind. The first step is a very close look at the nature of suffering: seeing what suffering is and getting to know our own suffering. It is through that deep intimacy with our own suffering that there is liberation.
Willoughby Britton, "Meditation Nation"