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Quando começa a retirar os amortecedores que te impedem de sentir, e entra em contato com a dor de ter machucado alguém, fique atento para não cair na armadilha da culpa. Às vezes ela é tão grande que você começa a se punir severamente até que não veja outra saída a não ser amortecer de novo.”

“Cuando comienzas a retirar los anestesiadores que te impiden sentir, y entras en contacto con el dolor de haber lastimado a alguien, estate atento para no caer en la trampa de la culpa. A veces ella es tan grande que empiezas a castigarte severamente hasta que no ves otra salida que no sea anestesiarte de nuevo.”

"When we start to remove the layers of numbness that prevent us from feeling, and we get in touch with the pain of having hurt someone else, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of guilt. Sometimes the guilt is so great that we begin to punish ourselves severely, until there is no other choice but to numb ourselves yet again."

Today's Daily Dharma: American Buddhism Calls for Participation

American Buddhism Calls for Participation
In this historical moment when American democratic ideals of freedom, civility, pluralism, altruism, and individualism make America the most comfortable home on earth for the individual pursuit of enlightenment, it is an essential form of Buddhist practice to participate in politics, to vote, to speak out, to encourage those who agree, to reason with those who disagree. It is wisdom. It is meditation. It is compassion. It is ethics.
Robert A. F. Thurman, "The Politics of Enlightenment"

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Via JMG: SCOTUS Fallout: Decade-Old Pride Image Spawns Death Threat For Photographer

Via the Washington Post:
More than a decade ago, photographer Ed Freeman set out to capture the gay rights struggle in a photograph for the cover of Frontiers, a gay magazine. To do so, he relied on an image — the flag-raising at Iwo Jima — that has been imitated and adapted countless times since it was captured in the midst of one of America’s bloodiest battles. [snip] More than a decade after his adaptation of the photograph was published, it circulated on social media following the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. That prompted a backlash against Freeman — including a death threat he says he reported to the FBI. “He said if he ever saw me, he’d kill me,” Freeman said in a phone interview. “I got swamped with vitriolic hate mail.” Freeman said there is “no way in hell” that he meant his adaptation of the Iwo Jima image to be provocative. “This picture was just a flashpoint for a lot people who are looking for a reason to lash out, so I guess I get to be the whipping boy,” he said. “I’m fine with that if that’s what it takes.
Haters are going nuts on Twitter.

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Via JMG: POLL: Majority Backs SCOTUS Rulings

Via YouGov:
The opposition to legal same-sex marriage is both partisan and generational. Two-thirds of Republicans oppose same-sex marriage, as does a majority of those 65 and older. Two in three Democrats and adults under 30 are in favor. Some of the opposition is clearly religious: 57% of those who say religion is very important to them oppose the ruling (a third approve). Among Catholics, there is a close division with nearly half approving. There is more support in the Northeast and West than there is in the Midwest and South.

But same-sex marriage has already become part of the American landscape. 44% say they know a gay or lesbian married couple. More than half of those with higher incomes and half of women do, but only 29% of African-Americans say they know a gay or lesbian couple that is married. Those who know a same-sex married couple approve of the Court’s ruling by two to one. While many people know a same-sex married couple, only 7% have attended a same-sex wedding. Three times as many Democrats (11%) as Republicans (3%) and eight times as many liberals (16%) as conservatives (2%) have done so.
46% of all Americans say they'd attend a same-sex wedding.

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