Sunday, July 12, 2015

Today's Daily Dharma: How We Use the Mind

How We Use the Mind

The mind is very powerful. There's a tremendous strength there, and it makes such a big difference how this mind, this will, this intention is being steered. And everything depends on whether it allows itself to relax and be serene, or whether it allows itself to get caught up in anxiety, grasping, and fear; it makes a difference if you do something with a relaxed, easygoing frame of mind, or if you do it in a harried and distracted way.
-  Mingyur Rinpoche, "The Easy Middle"

Via JMG: CHILE: Civil Union Signups Begin

CHILE: Civil Union Signups Begin

Pink News reports:
Gay couples flocked to civil registry offices in Chile to schedule the first same-sex civil unions since they were approved in the country earlier this year. Thursday (July 9) was the first day that couples could apply for the licence, after a bill approving same-sex civil unions was signed by the country’s President Michelle Bachelet back in April. The first same-sex civil ceremonies will take place in October, and while the LGBT community in Chile still fights for the right to marry, many see this as the first step on the to gaining full equal rights for sam-sex couples. Many couples took to Twitter to share their joy and excitement, as well as to announce the date on which their ceremonies will take place.
RELATED: Elsewhere in South America same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, and Uruguay. Civil unions are legal in Colombia and Ecuador. A same-sex marriage lawsuit is pending before the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Homosexual acts remain illegal in Guyana, but nowhere else on the continent.

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Via Daily Dharma (August 12, 2010 ):

Today’s Daily Dharma:
THIS I BELIEVE: That phenomena do not have any kind of demonstrable, intrinsic existence. That anything that is the composite sum of other parts is, logically, impermanent. That suffering is a given in any form of existence where confusion and ignorance are present. That when confusion and ignorance have been definitively eliminated, and goodness, caring, and wisdom have entirely taken their place, that is true happiness.
-Pamela White, "A Slow, True Path" (Winter 2008)

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 12/07/2015

“Vivemos numa era na qual os valores espirituais foram praticamente esquecidos. Todos estão atrás de alegrias passageiras, encantados com as criações da mente. O mundo se tornou extremamente materialista. O homem acredita que, para ser feliz, ele precisa dominar a matéria. Acredita que, se tiver dinheiro, terá domínio sobre o outro, e dessa forma se torna dependente dele. Essa ilusão é o que tem gerado toda crueldade e a miséria que vemos no mundo.”

“Vivimos en una era en la cual los valores espirituales fueron prácticamente olvidados. Todos están atrás de alegrías pasajeras, fascinados con las creaciones de la mente. El mundo se volvió extremadamente materialista. El hombre cree que para ser feliz, necesita dominar la materia. Cree que si tuviera dinero tendrá dominio sobre el otro, y de esa forma se vuelve dependiente de él. Esta ilusión es la que ha generado toda crueldad y miseria que vemos en el mundo.”

“We are living in an era where spiritual values have practically been forgotten. Everyone is chasing after fleeting joys, enchanted with the creations of the mind. The world has become extremely materialistic. We believe that, in order to be happy, we must dominate the material world. We think that if we have money we can have dominion over the other, so we become dependent on money. This illusion is what has generated all the cruelty and misery we see in the world.”

Via I bet this turkey can get more fans than NOM / FB:

Via I bet this turkey can get more fans than NOM / FB: