Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Via JMG: Marriage Arrives In Puerto Rico

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Via JMG: Siri: Call Her Caitlyn Jenner

Apple has given Siri new instructions:
Siri is as witty as she is intelligent. The voice that lives inside your iPhone will now subtly correct your improper use of "Bruce" when you ask about Caitlyn Jenner. Apple's virtual assistant has been updated to make sure it won't misuse Jenner's correct name and gender when asked for more information on the athlete and reality star. Jenner, who unveiled her transition officially in Vanity Fair's July issue, no longer goes by the name "Bruce," and Siri is going to make sure you're well aware of that.
The update came via a company called Wolfram Alpha.

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Via JMG: Justice Anthony Kennedy Compares Marriage Uproar To Flag Burning Ruling

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy yesterday compared to the right wing uproar to his Obergefell opinion to the public outcry which followed the court's ruling that flag burning is a form of free speech. 
Kennedy, who was the deciding vote in both cases, described how the reaction decades ago was critical at first but changed over time. His remarks at the 9th Circuit Judicial Conference were his first public comments since he wrote the decision last month that put an end to same-sex marriage bans in 14 states. Kennedy drew the comparison in response to a moderator's question about how justices weather reaction to closely watched rulings. "Eighty senators went to the floor of the Senate to denounce the court," he said of the 1989 ruling. "President Bush took the week off and visited flag factories, but I noticed that after two or three months people began thinking about the issues."
Kennedy believes that controversial rulings such as Obergefell "draw down on a capital of trust" which the court replenishes with less controversial rulings.

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Homofóbicos podem receber multa de até R$ 60 mil no RJ

Diversos casais foram agredidos no Rio de Janeiro nos últimos meses

Na prática, homofóbicos podem receber multa de até R$ 60 mil caso pratiquem discriminação. O texto define como discriminação impedir o acesso ou permanência de homossexuais em determinados locais, impor tratamento diferenciado ou cobrar tarifa extra, recusar ou dificultar o ingresso de aluno em estabelecimento de ensino público ou privado, negar oportunidades de trabalho, impedir acesso ao transporte público e induzir ou incitar pelos meios de comunicação social a discriminação, preconceito ou prática de atos de violência ou coação contra qualquer pessoa em virtude de preconceito de sexo e de orientação sexual.

A lei visa proteger gays, lésbicas e bissexuais, mas não cita transexuais. A medida também não se aplica a instituições religiosas. Leia a reportagem completa no G1.

Caitlyn Jenner Takes ESPYs By Storm: 'Trans People Deserve Something Vital. They Deserve Your Respect'

In her first public appearance since announcing her decision to transition, Caitlyn Jenner mesmerized the crowd at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday as she accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards.

Homosexuality: It's Time We Reconcile Our Beliefs with Scientific Evidence and 21st Century Values

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage here in the United States has caused a stir not just among conservatives and religious fanatics here but in many parts of the Muslim world as well. 
It is a good thing we are discussing a topic rarely brought up in Muslim communities. 

Many with same-sex preferences in our communities are forced into heterosexual relationships or treated as outcasts and sometimes even driven to suicide, because we have trouble accepting homosexuality.

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 16/07/2015

“A vida humana neste planeta é como um jogo, um jogo divino. Cada um, enquanto indivíduo, está em uma casa do jogo, mas também enquanto humanidade nos encontramos em determinada posição. O ponto de partida é o estado de total ignorância a respeito da nossa verdadeira identidade e das consequências disso em nossas vidas. Vamos passando por diversas casas que oferecem diferentes oportunidades de aprendizado, até que chegamos ao fim do jogo, quando finalmente temos a lembrança de quem somos e do que viemos fazer aqui.”

“Human life on this planet is like a divine game. As individuals, each of us occupies one spot on the board game, while humanity as a whole also occupies a certain position on the board. The game’s starting point is the state of total ignorance of our true identity and the consequences it has for our lives. We move from one spot to the next in the game, with each square providing us different opportunities for learning. Ultimately, we reach the end of the game, which is when we finally remember who we are and what we have come here to do.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Effective Practice

Effective Practice
We have two faces: our intrinsic nature and our reactive patterns—the bad habits of the psyche. Effective practice mirrors both, gradually revealing our nature, while at the same time, clarifying what obstructs it.
Anne Klein, "Across the Expanse"