Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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The Dhammapada (Sayings of the Buddha)

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Buddhist Prayer Chants

Have Tibetan Prayer, Will Travel (On the Buddhist Pilgrimage Path)

Where's "Gay Marriage" in the US Constitution?

From another Chat Group: Exclusion Works both Ways

"It may be time to include in workshops for Baha'is and other anti-gay religions to let them know that exclusion works both ways. Their dynamic is that if one is gay, Baha'is cannot give you full Baha'is rights. They are trying to sort that out within the religion. My message is increasingly, there is pretty much NOTHING the Baha'i Faith can do right now to ever win someone like me back. And lots of people like me. Its not that the Faith doesn't want us; rather we do not want the Faith. It is too late and too much damage has been done for the Faith to decide how tolerant it wishes to be within its administrative parameters it has set for itself. So while it is very nice that some people will come to a meeting about how to better tolerate and treat gay people, they should be clearly told many of us gay people have no wish to be tolerated by them. It is not our problem; it is their problem. It is not that they have excluded us, but in fact we have excluded them.  ... They (the Baha'i Admin Order) have a really bad discriminatory rule that has harmed lots of people and which the world increasingly is rejecting and makes them irrelevant and unwanted. People are not knocking down doors to get in to this religion. They have a serious problem. And it is not gay people. But they might use the gay issue and the poor way they have managed it to gain some insight into their irrelevance. They have excluded the very people they need. Now many of those excluded people do not want in. So perhaps include a segment ... that in reality not many gay people want into this exclusive club no matter how well they try to tolerate us." 
- Anon Amigo

Via Social Work Helper / FB:

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 29/07/2015

“Esteja sempre atento, observando e testemunhando. Focalize na beleza e realize sua prática espiritual diária. Faça uso da oração de forma muito espontânea, como se estivesse conversando com a Divindade, assim como faz uma criança que conversa com seus pais. De forma honesta e pura, peça para que o véu da ilusão seja removido da sua visão.”

“Estate siempre atento, observando y atestiguando. Focaliza en la belleza y realiza tu práctica espiritual diaria. Haz uso de la oración de forma muy espontánea, como si estuvieras conversando con la Divinidad, así como hace un niño que conversa con sus padres. De forma honesta y pura, pide para que el velo de la ilusión sea removido de tu visión.”

“Always remain attentive, observing and witnessing everything. Focus on beauty and do your spiritual practice daily. Pray spontaneously, as if you were having a conversation with the divine: like a child talking to his or her parents. With honesty and purity, ask for the veil of illusion to be removed from your sight.”

Today's Daily Dharma: The Process of Awakening

The Process of Awakening
Awakening is not a state but a process: an ethical way of life and commitment that enables human flourishing. As such, it is no longer the exclusive preserve of enlightened teachers or accomplished yogis. Likewise, nirvana "the stopping of craving" is not the goal of the path but its very source. For human flourishing first stirs in that clear, bright, empty space where neurotic self-centredness realizes that it has no ground at all to stand on. One is then freed to pour forth like sunlight.
- Stephen Batchelor, "A Secular Buddhist"