Monday, August 3, 2015

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 03/08/2015

“Estamos aprendendo a não resistir ao amor, ou seja, aprendendo a nos tornarmos canais puros dele. Embora conscientemente esse seja o nosso maior desejo, tememos nos tornar esse vazio que é inundado pelo amor. Porque quando isso ocorre, experimentamos o êxtase divino, no qual a ideia de eu desaparece. Essa experiência se assemelha à morte. É por isso que nós pensamos tanto. O pensamento compulsivo é o maior mecanismo de defesa. Ele nos mantém ocupados e nos dá uma sensação de segurança.”

“We are learning how not to resist love in order to become pure channels of love. Even though this is, consciously, our greatest desire, we fear turning into this emptiness and allowing ourselves to be inundated with love. When this does occur, we experience divine ecstasy, in which the idea of the self disappears. This experience is similar to death, which is why we choose to think so much instead. Compulsive thinking is the greatest defense mechanism: it keeps us busy and gives us a sense of security.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Low-income Buddhism

Low-income Buddhism
Those of us in the lower class have no real disposable income, no truly 'free' time, and we have to keep up a break-neck speed just to break even. We get up early to sit before heading to a job that we can tolerate only because we sit. We meditate before bed to alleviate some of the daily stress that would otherwise keep us up all night. Economically and spiritually, it's always a battle just to stay put.
- Brent R. Oliver, "White Trash Buddhist"