Friday, August 14, 2015

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How Sitcoms Handled Homos in the 70s and 80s

Via JMG: Totally Not-Gay Catholic Priest Tells Ex-Gays: Homosexuality Is Like Trying To Eat A Bagel With Your Ear

Gay Star News reports:
A Catholic priest has come up with one of the strangest analogies yet for gay sex, claiming it is like cramming a piece of bagel in your ear. Preacher John Riccardo was speaking at a conference in Michigan on Wednesday, called Welcoming and Accompanying Our Brothers and Sisters with Same-Sex Attraction. It was a Catholic conference in order to help gay and lesbian people stay celibate. He was taking part in a lecture called ‘HIV and Other Health Risks Associated with Men Who Have Sex With Men’, led by HIV researcher Timothy Flanigan. Riccardo said junior high students have asked him why God hates gay people, and he responded that it is because gay sex is unnatural. “If i just rip open a bagel, I take it, and I cram it in my ear. What would you say?” he said he tells them. “That doesn’t go there. It’ll ruin your ear canal.”
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Via WGB: San Francisco Public High School Becomes First-Ever To Offer LGBT History Class

A San Francisco public high school offering an LGBT history class to students next fall is the first in America to do so, according to several reports.

Lyndsey Schlax, the teacher who’ll spearhead the class at the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts, told CBS that other private schools around the country have offered similar classes, but this will be the first time one will be offered at a public high school.

According to Schlax, the course will cover the history of gender and sexuality, how they intersect in major media, how different LGBT equality is around the world, and a number of national and international struggles the community still faces. Full story here!

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 13/08/2015

“Estou trabalhando para que haja cura nas relações. Me refiro a uma mudança do eixo: querer receber menos e dar mais. Porque essa é a chave para o fim daquilo que é uma das principais causas do sofrimento neste planeta, a carência afetiva. Não depender de ninguém para ser feliz é liberdade. Você não fica com alguém porque precisa, mas simplesmente porque quer. Somente essa liberdade permite a escolha.”

“Estoy trabajando para que haya cura en las relaciones. Me refiero a un cambio de eje: querer recibir menos y dar más. Porque esta es la llave para el fin de aquello que es una de las principales causas de sufrimiento en este planeta, la carencia afectiva. No depender de nadie para ser feliz es libertad. No estás con alguien porque necesitas, sino simplemente por querer. Solamente esta libertad permite la elección.”

“I am working to promote a healing within all relationships. This will require a complete change in axis, in which each partner truly wants to receive less and to give more. This can put an end to one of the greatest causes of suffering on the planet: emotional neediness. Not having to depend on anyone for our own happiness is freedom. In other words, this means not staying in a certain relationship because you need to, but simply because you want to. Only by having freedom are we able to make this choice.”

Today's Daily Dharma: The Wisdom of Anger

The Wisdom of Anger
Anger is traditionally thought to be close to wisdom. When not projected outward onto others or inward toward the self, it gives us the necessary energy and clarity to understand what needs to be done.
- Thanissara, "Don't Worry, Be Angry"