Monday, August 17, 2015

It Gets Better Video: Jenni and Lisa 2015

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"In the twenty-first century, we will have to practice meditation collectively- as a family, a city, a nation, and a community of nations. The Buddha of the twenty-first century - Maitreya, the Buddha of Love- may well be a community rather than an individual. Sanghas that practice loving kindness and compassion are the Buddha we need."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 17/08/2015

“Conscientes disso ou não, nos movemos da consciência humana em direção à Consciência divina. Porém, algumas dimensões da consciência humana ainda são tão primitivas que se assemelham à consciência animal, na qual a crueldade serve para suprir o instinto básico de sobrevivência. Na natureza, muitas vezes é necessário ser cruel, como um animal que se alimenta do outro para sobreviver. Isso não é certo ou errado, simplesmente é. Mas, aos poucos vamos alcançando dimensões humanas mais elevadas, e à medida em que nos libertamos da crueldade e nos tornamos capazes de amar, esse amor nos conduz à Consciência divina.”

“Conscientes de ello o no, nos movemos de la conciencia humana en dirección a la Conciencia divina. Sin embargo, algunas dimensiones de la conciencia humana aún son tan primitivas que se asemejan a la consciencia animal, en la cual la crueldad sirve para suplir el instinto básico de supervivencia. En la naturaleza, muchas veces es necesario ser cruel, como un animal que se alimenta del otro para sobrevivir. Esto no está bien ni mal, simplemente es. Pero, poco a poco, vamos alcanzando dimensiones humanas más elevadas, y a medida que nos liberamos de la crueldad y nos volvemos capaces de amar, este amor nos conduce a la Conciencia divina.”

“Whether we are aware of it or not, we move from human consciousness towards divine consciousness. However, some dimensions of human consciousness are still so primitive that they resemble animal consciousness. In this animalistic state of awareness, cruelty results from a basic survival instinct. In nature, it’s often necessary to be cruel, so that one animal preys on another animal in order to survive. This is not right or wrong; it simply is the way things are. Gradually, as we reach more elevated dimensions of human awareness, we free ourselves from cruelty and become capable of loving. This capacity to love is what then guides us towards divine consciousness.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Direct Liberation

Direct Liberation
The Buddhist teachings say that when we can actually feel pain directly, we spontaneously let go, just as feeling the hot handle of a cast-iron skillet makes us let go. When we feel the powerful, undeniable suffering of jealousy, we want liberation in the most direct way possible. We feel it, and we let go.

- Judith Simmer-Brown, "Transforming the Green Ey'd Monster"