Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Via WGB: ISIS throws nine gay men from building

ISIS militants threw nine men charged with being gay from a building in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday (23 August), according to local media reports.

The Jihadist group have branded LGBTI people the ‘worst of creatures’ and claim responsibility for at least 30 other executions for ‘sodomy.’

They have not yet published photos of the latest killings as they have done previously.

‘Gunmen belonging to ISIS threw on Sunday nine civilians from the top of a high building in the city of Mosul after being accused of homosexuality,’ a source, who wished to remain anonymous, told

‘ISIS militants rounded up a number of citizens in the city to see the implementation of the judgment of the so-called Sharia judge.’ Full story here!

Same-Sex Surprise Proposal at Church!

JMG KENTUCKY: State Faces $2.3M In Marriage Battle Legal Fees


Attorneys for the good guys have handed Kentucky a demand for $2.3M in legal fees. The Lexington Herald-Leader has more: Gov. Steve Beshear hired lawyers to defend the state of Kentucky’s ban on gay marriage for two years in the federal courts, arguing that Kentuckians deserved “finality and understanding of what the law is.” Understanding can be expensive. Two months...
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JMG AUSTRALIA: Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard Reverses Position, Now Says She Supports Same-Sex Marriage


After voting against a 2012 same-sex marriage bill while Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard now says she’s changed her mind. Via the Sydney Morning Herald:
“Given the 1970s feminist in me saw much to be concerned with from a gender perspective with traditional marriage, I thought the better approach was not to change the old but to create something new,” she said during The Michael Kirby Lecture at Victoria University. “In my time post-politics, as key countries have moved to embrace same-sex marriage, I have identified that my preferred reform direction was most assuredly not winning hearts and minds.” Ms Gillard said she assumed at the time the Coalition would have eventually allowed a conscience vote on the issue and marriage equality would have became law. “My position would have been overtaken by history, something which would have caused me no heartburn,” she said. “Now, given the discussion of a plebiscite or a referendum, I find myself in a world where these assumptions have been upended.” Ms Gillard called for a conscience vote on the issue soon after the next election, and said she would vote in favour of same-sex marriage if she was still in parliament.
Australia’s first female prime minister, Gillard held office from 2010 to 2013. She is a self-described atheist, which is virtually unheard of for a major head of government.

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 26/08/2015

“Conheça a ti mesmo e conhecerás o universo. Aquilo que não está aqui não está em lugar algum. Por isso precisamos nos tornar exploradores da consciência. Essa é uma tarefa bastante desafiadora porque dentro de nós existem recantos escuros, cheios de dor, sentimentos aterrorizantes e mortificantes. Mas isso faz parte da vida de um explorador de si mesmo. O seu trabalho é desenvolver o testemunhar, ou seja, é aprender a observar o que é transitório sem se identificar. Você observa e deixa passar. E, aos poucos, você vai conhecendo quem é você de verdade. Você é aquilo que permanece.”

Ouça o Satsang completo:

“Conócete a ti mismo y conocerás el universo. Aquello que no está aquí no está en ningún lugar. Por eso necesitamos volvernos exploradores de la consciencia. Esta es una tarea bastante desafiante porque dentro de nosotros existen rincones oscuros, llenos de dolor, sentimientos aterrorizantes y mortificantes. Pero eso es parte de la vida de un explorador de sí mismo. Tu trabajo es desarrollar el observador, es decir, es aprender a observar lo que es transitorio sin identificarte. Observas y dejas pasar. Y de a poco, vas conociendo quien eres tú en verdad. Eres aquello que permanece.”

“To understand ourselves is to understand the universe. That which is not here is nowhere. This is why we strive to become explorers of consciousness. This is an extremely challenging task because there are dark corners within us that are full of pain as well as terrifying and mortifying feelings. This is all a part of the life of a self-explorer. Our work is to develop the witness and to learn how to observe what is transitory without becoming identified with it. We just observe and let it all pass. Slowly, we get to know who we truly are, for we are what remains.”

Today's Daily Dharma: The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line
We have created our problems, and only we can solve them. That becomes something of a bottom line for Buddhists. We need to train our minds to be less attached, less mistaken, less shortsighted, and, most of all, less self-centered.

- Rita Gross, "The 'Problem' of Religious Diversity"