Tuesday, September 1, 2015

JMG Quote Of The Day – John Corvino

“Many have commented on the fact that Davis herself has been divorced several times. As a strategic matter, this makes her a rather poor poster child for ‘traditional Christian marriage’: Jesus himself treats divorce and remarriage as akin to adultery. But the point is not merely ad hominem: Davis’s willingness to impose a standard of marriage on gays that she does not apply to others, herself included, shows that she’s less interested in enforcing a consistent traditional Christian view than in singling out gays for disapproval. In its Obergefell decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rightly rejected such treatment as an affront to dignity and equal treatment under the law. Private citizens are free to express their religious views about homosexuality — however hypocritically and inconsistently — and to practice their faith as they see fit. But religious liberty is not a “get out of your job free” card.” – Wayne University professor John Corvino, writing for the Detroit Free Press.

RELATED: Several years ago Corvino co-authored Debating Same-Sex Marriage with former NOM president Maggie Gallagher.

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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 01/09/2015

“O verdadeiro amor só é possível quando nos libertamos do passado. E nos libertamos do passado somente quando nos harmonizamos com ele. Não é fugindo ou fingindo que ele não existe - é olhando de frente e permitindo-se compreender porque as coisas aconteceram como aconteceram. E uma forma de fazer isso é observando e estudando as repetições negativas e fazendo a relação de causa e efeito, ou seja, relacionando o passado com o presente.”

“El verdadero amor solo es posible cuando nos liberamos del pasado. Y nos liberamos del pasado solo cuando nos armonizamos con él. No es huyendo o fingiendo que no existe - es mirándolo de frente y permitiéndose comprender por qué las cosas sucedieron como sucedieron. Y una forma de hacer eso, es observando y estudiando las repeticiones negativas y haciendo la relación de causa y efecto, es decir, relacionando el pasado con el presente.”

“Real love is only possible when we can liberate ourselves from the past. We are only liberated from our past once we have harmonized ourselves with it, which can't happen by running away from it or pretending that it doesn’t exist. We must face our past and allow ourselves to understand why things happened as they did. This understanding dawns as we observe the negative repetitions in our lives, really studying the connection between cause and effect, and thereby relating our past to the present moment.”

Today's Daily Dharma: A Love-Hate Relationship with Our Time

A Love-Hate Relationship with Our Time

There's a tension between the part of us that wants to move along at speed, infatuated with our ever-proliferating array of screens and gadgets, and the part of us that deeply hates them, too. There's the part that doesn't want to be bothered with other people's lives and is therefore comfortable with the false proximity that social media affords. But there's also the part that is heartbroken at the loneliness and isolation of the life we are living—the part that requires medication and constant distraction just to endure it.

- Clark Strand, "A Gleeful Foreboding"