Sunday, September 13, 2015

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: LGBT Discrimination (HBO)

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Via Instinct Magazine: Did They Just Find That Homophobia Is A Disease?

I think they just found that homophobia is a disease?  Here's an excerpt from the longer article.  

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 13/09/201

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Embora a diferença entre homem e mulher seja algo bem definido, no que tange a interação entre eles, os contrastes se equilibram na balança. Tanto o homem como a mulher carregam dentro de si um masculino e um feminino positivo e um masculino e um feminino negativo ou distorcido. A facilidade ou dificuldade se dá na interação: se o meu masculino ou feminino distorcido se relaciona com o masculino ou feminino distorcido de outra pessoa é sempre difícil, independentemente do gênero.”

Project Everyone - Metas Globais
“Aunque la diferencia entre hombre y mujer sea algo bien definido, con respecto a la interacción entre ellos, los contrastes se equilibran en la balanza. Tanto el hombre como la mujer llevan dentro de sí un masculino y un femenino positivo y un masculino y un femenino negativo o distorsionado. La facilidad o dificultad se da en la interacción: si mí masculino o femenino distorsionado se relaciona con el masculino o femenino distorsionado de otra persona es siempre difícil, independientemente del género.”

Project Everyone - Global Goals
“Although it seems like men and women are very different, in taking a closer look at their interactions, it becomes clear their qualities counter-balance each other. Just as both men and women carry distorted masculine and distorted feminine qualities, they both carry the positive qualities as well. Human interactions can be more or less challenging based on how one person’s distorted masculine and feminine qualities relate with another’s, regardless of gender.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Prayer for Its Own Sake

“Prayer just for itself, just for the act of praying . . . is a way of connecting to the deep ocean of being that we all are. It is a way of offering our bows, our incense, our flowers, to the ineffable reality of the moment, to the absolute reality of this experience.”

Ian Shoales: Dualism