Saturday, September 26, 2015

United Future Organization - Tears Of Gratitude

Stephen Colbert’s All-Inclusive Wedding Cake Toppers

Via WGB: Guess Who Grindr Users Want in the Oval Office?

"In partnership with Rock the Vote, Grindr recently conducted a early election poll of its users to find out their presidential preferences.

The results?

  • Bernie Sanders edges out Hillary Clinton 38% to 35% among Democrats.
  • Donald Trump is topping the poll with 21% support among Republicans. John Kasich and Jeb Bush came next, each with 7%. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina were both at the 5% level, with others candidates trailing behind.
  • 76% of respondents said they vote in both general and presidential elections (for comparison, just 36.4% of eligible voters turned out in the 2014 midterm)
  • When asked to name the “biggest issue” facing America today, “the economy, stupid” won the results with 50% support. Other issues were immigration (10.3%), healthcare (9.8%), minority rights (9%), and LGBT rights (3%)." 
After Marriage Equality, Then Comes... That said, LGBTQ matters still remain front and center on Grindr guys’ minds. Asked “After marriage equality, what’s next for the LGBTQ movement in the U.S.?” – 41% singled out “Pushing forward the Equality Act to end legal LGBTQ discrimination.” “Fighting HIV/AIDS” drew 15% of votes; then, “ensuring that states follow the law on marriage and adoption” was selected by 12.4% and after that “strengthening transgender rights” was the choice of 11.5%.

Young with a Point of View. What’s the profile of these electorally savvy Grindr users? They are young or young-ish – 56% told us they were either in the 20-29 or 30-39 age groups. As for political affiliation – more than half of our respondents identified as Democrats (51%); with 19% Independents and 15% Republicans. (H/T - Towleroad via Grindr blog.)

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Via Gay Christians / FB:

Mercedes Sosa - Gracias a La Vida

Today's Daily Dharma: All is We

All is We
Somewhere this very moment, babies are born, fathers are dying, mothers are grieving. Yet, pervading all is a groundless awareness, delicate and strong at the same time. Everything becomes we, a beating heart with a transparent, radiant smile. And we are awake.
—Judith Simmer-Brown, "Insomnia"
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Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 26/09/20

“Podemos dizer que iluminação espiritual é sinônimo de pureza de coração. Mas, o que é um coração puro? É um coração sem maldade, pois somente esse coração é capaz de ver a luz que está por trás da sombra do outro e perdoar. O coração puro vê a alma por trás dos corpos. Ele não olha os bons e os maus hábitos dos outros, ele olha a alma por trás disso. O coração puro é capaz de amar de verdade - e o Amor vê a si mesmo.”

“Podemos decir que iluminación espiritual es sinónimo de pureza de corazón. Pero ¿qué es un corazón puro? Es un corazón sin maldad, porque solamente ese corazón es capaz de ver la luz que está por detrás de la sombra del otro y perdonar. El corazón puro ve el alma por detrás de los cuerpos. Él no mira los buenos o malos hábitos de los otros, mira por detrás de eso. El corazón puro es capaz de amar de verdad - y el Amor se ve a sí mismo.”

“Spiritual enlightenment is synonymous with purity of heart. What is a pure heart? It is a heart without malice. Only this kind of heart can see the light behind the other’s shadow and thus be able to forgive. A pure heart doesn’t look at the good or bad habits of the other – it only sees the soul behind all of this. Only a pure heart can love in a true way, for love sees itself in everything.”