Friday, October 16, 2015

Via Sri Prem Baba: Flor do Dia- Flor del Día - Flower of the Day 16/10/2015

“Alguns compreendem satsang como uma palestra, mas é um equívoco. Satsang é uma experiência - a experiência de estarmos juntos. Nessa experiência, um instante de silêncio pode ser mais eloquente do que todas as palavras. As palavras surgem na forma de conhecimento, instrução e guiança, mas elas não são o mais importante.”

“Algunos entienden satsang como una conferencia, pero es un error. Satsang es una experiencia -la experiencia de estar juntos- . En esta experiencia, un instante de silencio puede ser más elocuente que todas las palabras. Las palabras surgen en forma de conocimiento, instrucción y guía, pero no son lo más importante.”

“Some people understand the word ‘satsang’ to be a talk, but this is not entirely correct. Satsang is the experience of togetherness. In this meeting, an instance of silence can be more eloquent than any spoken word. Words may appear in the form of knowledge, instruction and guidance, but they are not the most important element in this kind of encounter.”

Today's Daily Dharma: Intention Is Everything

Intention Is Everything
As long as our intentions of dharma practice remain untransformed, we only settle for more of the suffering of samsara, for life in the same old cage. Through attention . . . we come to understand that to practice the dharma with a mind that is not imbued with dharma values is to sell the dharma short, and to settle for less than freedom.
—Lama Jampa Thaye, "Parting from the Four Attachments"
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